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NYPD occult specialist inspires TV movie

A New York police officer specializing in occult cases for most of his 22-year career is the inspiration behind a TV movie from horror filmmaker Wes Craven. The untitled film for cable’s TNT network will center on a fictional detective investigating crimes and events tied to supernatural forces, similar to what Marcos Quinones has done during much of time with the New York Police Department, the New York Post reported Monday. Sometimes, there are logical explanations, and sometimes, there are not, Quinones said. At a certain point, it behooves you to know about both worlds, the worlds of physics, or

Preoccupied with the occult

Ex-cop prowls N.Y. in search of pentagrams, sacrifices NEW YORK (CNN) — Marcos Quinones has an eye for the occult. The pentagram, for instance, is a basic occult symbol in which he sees more than just a five-pointed star. “It’s a person standing with outstretched arms,” he said. “And basically, it could mean the four elements: air, earth, fire and water. The top one is probably the most important — it means the spirit world.” Once a street cop, now a police instructor, Quinones prowls New York looking for pentagrams and other occult graffiti on building walls, or the remains