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Salesmen ignore rebuke over cancer cure claims

Salesmen for a company accused of peddling sugar pills as a cancer cure are continuing to make the claims despite warnings of prosecutions. The family of a seriously ill woman said they were approached by a salesperson who said $1600 worth of the pills would cure her. “If you have got someone close to you possibly dying, you grasp at any straws,” said a family member. The pills are made by an American company, Mannatech, which uses an Amway-style direct marketing sales technique. The family, who approached the Herald, were told that while the price was high, if they signed

Sugar pill’s claims sicken health groups

Sunday Star*Times (New Zealand), Mar. 9, 2003 A sugar pill promoted as a treatment for Aids, cystic fibrosis and Down’s Syndrome is being peddled to vulnerable Kiwi families. Doctors and support groups are alarmed that sufferers are being given false hopes by the distributors of Ambrotose, a product with no scientific evidence supporting its claims. Although no claims are made on the product labels, the New Zealand patent, which is used by distributors to entice customers, claims the product can offer “co-ordination, learning, memory and appearance improvements” for people with Down’s Syndrome; “elimination of symptoms; restored immune function” for

Prosecution threat to sugar pill distributors

New Zealand Press Association, Mar. 10, 2003 Distributors claiming a sugar pill can help people suffering from HIV will be prosecuted and face hefty fines and possibly jail, a Health Ministry official said today. Health Ministry Medsafe compliance team leader Peter Pratt said it was extremely worrying that distributors had appeared to be advertising Ambrotose as being able to help people with HIV, cystic fibrosis, cancer, arthritis, down’s syndrome and other illnesses and diseases. “Anyone we find making the claims we will pursue for prosecution,” he told NZPA. Mr Pratt said it was not illegal to sell the sugar-based

‘Shonky’ sugar pill created by religious group

New Zealand Press Association, Mar. 9, 2003 A sugar pill being sold in New Zealand with the claim it can help sufferers of HIV and other illnesses, was created by a United States religious group which says the recipe was given to a scientist through prayer. The pill Ambrotose, which costs about $NZ300 a month and is sold through a pyramid-type scheme, has been rubbished by the New Zealand Aids Foundation and other health groups. It is alleged that sellers of Ambrotose in New Zealand are using US claims the product can alleviate symptoms of HIV, cystic fibrosis, cancer,