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Four dead in police clash with sect in Indonesia

JAKARTA, Oct 26 (Reuters) – A clash between police and machete-wielding members of a shadowy Islamic sect on Indonesia’s eastern Sulawesi island has killed four people, three of them officers, a senior policeman said on Wednesday. The fighting a day earlier on the rugged hills just outside the Central Sulawesi provincial capital of Palu broke out when police sought to apprehend the leader of a tiny sect which has been branded deviant by local Muslim clerics. “His supporters became hysterical and started to attack officers when police were about to take him. The three (police) victims were at the closest

Gems pawned to post bail

JERTEH: Having pawned their jewellery and borrowed money to post bail on Thursday, 27 followers of the Sky Kingdom sect wasted no time returning home after spending a week in prison and in the police lockup. They were among 45 followers of the cult who were charged in the Besut Syariah Lower Court for not adhering to a state fatwa which declared the Sky Kingdom teachings as deviant. Mat Yaakob Ismail, 52, said he borrowed RM4,000 from a relative to post bail for his wife Wan Noriah Wan Ali, 51, and daughter Noraini, 20. “I’m lucky, but others have pawned

Malaysia bans tales of the supernatural

Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia, which strictly censors foreign movies and books, has decided to ban tomes with “ghostly” tales and those touching on the supernatural, reports said on Thursday. Deputy Home Minister Chor Chee Heung was quoted by The Star as saying that the government would no longer approve permits to import and publish reading material containing elements “calculated to entertain by frightening”. These include books within the categories of mystery, mysticism, fantasy, occultism and superstition, he said. “These materials will create an unhealthy picture in the minds of the readers and influence them by such far-fetched ghostly stories,” he


The Star (Malaysia), July 30, 2003 PETALING JAYA: Deputy Information Minister Datuk Zainuddin Maidin has cautioned Malays against being drawn to a newly exposed cult that operates on donations and a mix of retail businesses.  The Kedah-based cult, which uses young Malay boys to collect donations and sell items like calendars and books outside shopping complexes and petrol stations, is now believed to be operating in the Klang Valley and is aimed largely at Malays.  The cult’s activities were highlighted by a Malay daily yesterday.  According to the daily, the group’s leader was alleged to have made religiously deviant