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Drop-Outs Ask Students to Join LaRouche Cause

Nick Walash lined the students in a semi-circle as they warmed up to perform in “Bel Canto,” a 17th-century Italian style of singing. “Start singing like women, and stop singing like girls,” Walash joked. For this group, classical singing is a must after a five-hour discussion of mathematical proofs and the works of eminent philosophers like Hegel and Kant. For several hours each day, the 30 college-aged youths file into a nondescript business suite in Downtown Oakland to discuss the coming collapse of the world’s financial system and the one man who they believe can save it. That man is

A ‘sinister and dangerous’ cult

Metropolitan Police submitted evidence to the inquest that the LaRoche Youth Movement was “a political cult with sinister and dangerous connections”. Police said the group recruited students aged 18 to 24 years and used mental manipulation to get them to abandon their studies and promote charismatic American leader Lyndon LaRoche to be the next US president. “It blames the Jewish people for the Iraq war and other problems in the world,” police said. “Jeremiah’s lecture notes showed the anti-Semitic nature of the ideology.” Dennis King is the author of the book Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism, and has

Coroner finds man died in state of terror

The family of a Jewish student who was fleeing a ‘sinister’ anti-Semitic cult, will fight to reopen the German police investigation into his death after a coroner said he died ‘in a state of terror’. Jeremiah Duggan, 22, died from fatal head injuries in the German city of Wiesbaden on March 27 this year when he ran into the road and was hit by two cars, Hornsey Coroner’s Court heart last week. But 45 minutes before his death, he called his mother, Erica, at her home in Dunstan Road, Golders Green, to say: “I’m in big trouble.” Coroner Dr William

German police probe into British student’s death was ‘inadequate’

German police files have exposed flaws in their own investigation into the mysterious death of a British student. Jeremiah Duggan, from Golders Green in north London, died last March in Wiesbaden after allegedly running into the path of two vehicles. Mr Duggan, who was Jewish, had travelled to Germany to attend what he thought was an anti-war conference before discovering that the groups he had joined, the Schiller Institute and its associated newspaper, Nouvelle Solidarité, were run by the American Lyndon LaRouche, a convicted fraudster with a history of anti-Semitism. The German police decided that his subsequent death was suicide,

Cult Meeting Student in Terror Before Death – Coroner

The mother of a British student who died in Germany after allegedly becoming involved with a “dangerous” right-wing political cult vowed today to continue her fight to find out what happened to him. Erica Duggan pledged to continue her campaign after a coroner noted that her son Jeremiah, 22, had been in “a state of terror” before his death. Mr Duggan, of Golders Green, north London, died in March after running into the path of two vehicles near Wiesbaden. Hornsey coroner Dr William Dolman said he was unable from the outset to accept the German investigator’s conclusion that Mr Duggan

Coroner denounces cult suicide claim

A coroner yesterday rejected a report by German police that a British student who died while apparently fleeing a political cult had committed suicide. Jeremiah Duggan, 22, from north London, died in March after being struck by two cars on a dual carriageway outside Wiesbaden. He had been attending a anti-Iraq war conference set up by the Schiller Institute, which is led by Lyndon La Rouche, an American right-wing conspiracy theorist. According to an internal Metropolitan Police report submitted to the coroner, Mr La Rouche’s organisation has “sinister and dangerous connections”, preaches anti-Semitic views – including blaming Jewish people for

Lyndon LaRouche’s Long Campaign

l”Handle them carefully, for words have more power than atom bombs.” – Pearl Strachan Hurd, poet Round Hill, Va. – Taking into account the magnitude of the position, it is surprisingly simple to run for the presidency of the United States. Aside from making a couple of phone calls and filling out some forms, all one needs is to be a natural born citizen, a resident for at least 14 years and age 35 or older. Heck, look no further than the latest list of Democratic candidates. Situated alongside Howard Dean, John Kerry, Joe Lieberman and the six others invited

Police used cult website to link Zaoui to terrorists – lawyer

Police are under attack for relying on the cult website of a convicted fraudster which links asylum seeker Ahmed Zaoui with a terrorist group. The Security Intelligence Service has already come under fire for using unsubstantiated internet reports to gather information about the Algerian. Zaoui has been cleared of any terrorist links by the Refugee Status Appeals Authority but has been in solitary confinement in Auckland Prison at Paremoremo for 10 months and is now awaiting the outcome of a review of a Security Risk Certificate issued on the basis of secret SIS information. He was sent to solitary at