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The warped mind of a killer – drugs and Satanism

For Jodi Jones’s family one of the most troubling elements of the murder has been trying to understand just why Mitchell brutally killed the schoolgirl. No-one knows his motive. Perhaps he murdered Jodi whilst under the influence of drugs, a theory supported by some police officers on the case. But just what influence did his obsession with the occult and satanic worship – and in particular the musings of the controversial Goth rock star Marilyn Manson – have? Was the US cult killing of Elizabeth Short, the “Black Dahlia”, on his mind? There were certainly similarities in the way the

The disturbing obsessions of a teenage killer

In a lilac notebook she used as a diary, Jodi Jones described her blossoming romance with her tousle-haired, rebellious classmate, Luke Mitchell, who shared her passion for grunge music and goth teenage fashion. “I think I‘m actually in love with Luke. Not in a stupid way. I mean real love. God I think I would die if he finished with me,” the infatuated 14-year-old wrote. “When I’m not with him I want to be. When I‘m with him I am happy. He is the only person who ever makes me forget all the shit in my life. He’s just so

Jodi killed by boyfriend attracted to sex, drugs and Satan

The teenage boyfriend of Jodi Jones was yesterday found guilty of murdering the 14-year-old schoolgirl. Luke Mitchell, 16, committed a “truly evil murder” when he strangled and stabbed his girlfriend during a frenzied attack, a court heard yesterday. Mitchell, who had a fascination with sex, drugs, knives and Satan, was 14 when he killed Jodi in the woods near her home on June 30, 2003. At the High Court in Edinburgh, a judge described Mitchell as a “fiend” and said he would face “detention without limit of time”. The jury delivered a majority verdict after a two-month trial in which

Goth fan who craved notoriety and said he was in league with the devil

Goth rock music, superficial dabbling with the occult and heavy eye make-up are adolescent phases most teenagers grow out of as quickly as they leave behind their black and baggy clothes. But for Luke Mitchell, an interest in such things was far more sinister. Just 14 years old when he murdered Jodi Jones, Mitchell had the desire to court among his peers the notoriety the rock stars he idolised had gained on stage. But while artists such as Marilyn Manson may revel in cartoonesque violence merely to shock, Mitchell carried it out for real. Numerous witnesses in the trial told