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Web site Launched Warning People About Love Holy Trinity Blessed Mission

It’s a relentless fight to expose a cult-like religious group. Love Holy Trinity Blessed Mission is accused of brainwashing hundreds of Iowans. One Iowa woman is on a mission of her own…to bring the group down. “The truth will set some free and will drive some crazy”, said Donna Backstrom. Her new web site, “A Cult In Our Midst” is getting a lot of attention…good and bad. She sat down one weekend and put together the latest detailed information about Love Holy Trinity Blessed Mission, and its leader. “What we need is a vehicle where we can share the truth,

Cult-Like Group Back In Court

More legal pressure mounts against a cult-like group that’s believed to have preyed on hundreds of Iowans. Love Holy Trinity Blessed Mission has hundreds of faithful followers in Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin. But opponents criticize the group’s secretiveness and the fact that many members disconnect from their families. On Friday, the group went back to court in Chicago to face zoning violations. People with loved ones in the group say it’s a step toward bringing the Mission down. Activist Donna Backstrom says, “It’s life and death. There’s no question about that there are lives in danger.” Tthis month, Backstrom began

Cult-Like Group’s Headquarters Closed

There are new details in our investigation into a controversial religious group called Love Holy Trinity Blessed Mission. Many call it a cult because members, including hundreds of Iowans, aren’t allowed to have contact with their families. We’ve been following this story for months. And, now we’ve followed the story to Chicago where the headquarters of Love Holy Trinity Blessed Mission is now shut down. “As far as today, today is huge, absolutely huge,” says Donna Backstrom of Davenport. She has three family members in the group, including aniece no one has seen in seven months. A preliminary injunction has

Priest Involved With Controversial Mission Suspended

CHICAGO – Francis Cardinal George has suspended a pastor of a controversial mission group in Chicago, NBC5 reported on Friday. The Rev. Len Kruzel is the pastor of the Love Holy Trinity Blessed Mission, which is based in Chicago. Kruzel has repeatedly ignored Cardinal George’s request to lead the group. The mission has ties to several other states, NBC5’s Mary Ann Ahern reported. It began as a prayer group, but in recent years members have cut off all ties to those outside of the group, including their own families. Kruzel has been a Roman Catholic priest for more than 20

Love Holy Trinity sites under fire

2 buildings in chicago owned by the group violate city ordinances, officials say The city of Chicago is taking a religious group with Dubuque-area ties to court today because of several zoning violations. Love Holy Trinity Blessed Mission has been operating a church and a community center without a special use permit, according to the municipal complaint filed by the city. In addition, the group did not obtain proper permits for two large identifying signs on its buildings and has not provided enough off-street parking, city officials said. Love Holy Trinity and North Star Trust Co. are the defendants in

Lawsuit Against Cult-Like Group

There are new developments over the controversy surrounding a religious group called “Love Holy Trinity Blessed Mission.” The group, based in Chicago, is accused of preying on hundreds of people, including many Iowans. Many call the group a cult because of its secretiveness and how members are encouraged to disconnect from their families. Now, the city of Chicago is taking the Mission to court. Ask anyone who has family members in this group and they will tell you this is huge. It’s finally a legal step that could help expose what’s really going on inside the group. It’s a lawsuit

Family Searches For Way to Regain Daughter They Fear Lost to Cult

(Dubuque – KCRG) — Nearly nine weeks ago, 19-year-old Ashley Fahey left her family in Dubuque. They say she wanted to become a sister in the religious group – Love Holy Trinity Blessed Mission. But now her family members are reaching out in new ways to get her back. They say they lack knowledge of cults, and if they knew more it would be easier to figure out a way to bring Ashley home. Ashley’s mother Lora Knott says, “I haven’t heard from her. Haven’t talked to her. I think she’s in Chicago.” Ashley’s father, Ron Fahey, introduced her to

Mission Of God?

Two former members of a highly controversial religious group talk exclusively with Iowa’s News Channel about why they left the group. Love Holy Trinity Blessed Mission has been around for more than a decade in Iowa and has hundreds of faithful followers. The group has drawn a lot of controversy in recent months because 19 year old Ashley Fahey of McGregor gave up everything to join the group. And her family has not seen her or talked with her now for weeks. That’s why two brothers from Waterloo decided they had to come forward. After five years inside Love Holy