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Edward Morrissey pleads guilty in taking millions from church

Edward Morrissey, husband of embattled former church pastor Mary Manin Morrissey, admitted in federal court Wednesday that he defrauded members of his wife’s church in soliciting $10.7 million in loans. He pleaded guilty to one count of money laundering, a felony that could get him 36 months or more in federal prison. Edward Morrissey, 57, acknowledged he misled parishioners of the Living Enrichment Center, the now-defunct Wilsonville church led by his wife, about the terms and security of the loans. He also admitted using parishioner loan proceeds for personal expenses. Edward Morrissey “deceived congregants into thinking they were loaning to

DCBS announces settlement in securities case

PORTLAND – The director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services, Cory Streisinger, announced today an agreement with Mary Manin Morrissey and Edward Morrissey resolving allegations of violations of state securities laws. This agreement was reached in conjunction with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Portland. The consent limited judgment, which requires restitution of more than $10 million to investors, the imposition of civil penalties, payment of attorneys’ fees and investigative costs, and injunctive relief, was filed today in Multnomah County Circuit Court. A plea agreement with Edward Morrissey was also reached between him and the U.S. Attorney’s Office. See

Pastor of bankrupt Wilsonville church, husband near plea deal

Mary and Edward Morrissey agree to repay $10.7 million, but she won’t be charged, and he faces federal prison Charismatic pastor Mary Manin Morrissey and her husband, Edward Morrissey, onetime leaders of a Wilsonville church that collapsed last year amid charges of financial improprieties, are nearing a deal with federal prosecutors that will send Edward Morrissey to prison for three years or more. Edward Morrissey, 57, intends to plead guilty to one count of money laundering, said his lawyer, Michael Levine of Portland. Federal prosecutors are recommending that he be sentenced to 36 months in federal prison. Mary Morrissey, 55,

Church’s last rites will end an era

Sunday’s services in Beaverton will be the last for the Living Enrichment Center, which is the focus of a criminal inquiry Sunday will mark the final day of services for the Living Enrichment Center, the former megachurch that is being probed by federal criminal investigators and which plans to file for bankruptcy soon. About 700 people, a fraction of a congregation once numbering 3,000, are expected to attend two morning services in the Valley Theater in Beaverton. The center left its 94,500-square-foot building in Wilsonville at the end of June and relocated to the theater, where it has been allowed

Church, pastor face criminal investigation

Authorities examine the Living Enrichment Center in Beaverton as it heads toward bankruptcy Federal criminal investigators are probing Living Enrichment Center, the financially troubled Beaverton megachurch, which this week lost its charismatic leader and confirmed it will file for bankruptcy and liquidate. Mary Manin Morrissey, the church’s energetic founder and lead pastor, resigned her position earlier this week and is planning to declare personal bankruptcy as well. She faces at least $1 million in debts, and lenders are repossessing the home she shares with her husband, Edward. In a letter to the congregation, Morrissey said she is unable to repay

Beaverton megachurch, pastor to file for bankruptcy

BEAVERTON, ORE. – The founder of a financially troubled Beaverton megachurch plans to file for personal bankruptcy to handle at least $1 million in debts. Mary Manin Morrissey resigned her position as lead pastor of the Living Enrichment Center earlier this week, saying she is unable to repay loans to church members. The church also plans to file for bankruptcy, officials told The Oregonian newspaper. The announcement comes as state and federal agencies investigate what happened to more than $5 million Morrissey and the church borrowed from congregants over the years. Another $1 million to $2 million went to New

Church in financial bind over member loans

Some members say the Living Enrichment Center, which is $20 million in debt, consistently minimized its money problems. The Living Enrichment Center, a popular church in Wilsonville that has attracted more than 4,100 members, is struggling to repay $20 million in debts run up by years of operating losses and a failed broadcasting venture. The church told congregants on Sunday that it owes much of the money — about $8 million — to members who lent their personal funds to the organization in hopes of helping it through its financial difficulties. Some of those members now say church leaders consistently