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Child-abuse case shines light on Kevin and Elizabeth Schatz

Kevin and Elizabeth Schatz Police found, on the Schatzes’ bed, a 15-inch section of PVC tube, a quarter-inch thick. They believe it to be the murder weapon, as both Lydia and Zariah had “whip-like” marks that matched the length and width of the pipe. It lay beside a children’s book.

The PVC tube may seem like a strange punishment tool, but for those familiar with the teachings of Christian fundamentalists and authors Michael and Debi Pearl, it is nothing new.

Ramsey examines ministry connected to girl’s death

Kevin and Elizabeth Schatz Ridge parents Kevin and Elizabeth Schatz are charged with murder and torture following the death of 7-year-old Lydia Schatz and the hospitalization of 11-year-old Zariah Schatz.

Both girls were allegedly whipped by the their adoptive parents with a quarter-inch plumbing supply line – the instrument suggested by Michael and Debi Pearl, founders of No Greater Joy Ministries and authors of the controversial religious parenting book “How to Train Up a Child.”

DA links fundamentalist “training” to Paradise girl’s death

Kevin and Elizabeth Schatz A fundamentalist religious philosophy that espouses corporal punishment to “train” children to be more obedient to their parents and God is now being investigated in connection with the death of a young Paradise girl and serious injuries to her sister.

Ramsey said he is also exploring a possible connection to a Web site that endorses “biblical discipline” using the same rubber or plastic tube alleged to have been used to whip the two young ridge girls by their adoptive parents.

Homicide, abuse probe continues: Schatz family was private, kids were well-behaved

Kevin and Elizabeth Schatz As officials continue to investigate Saturday’s death of a 7-year-old Paradise girl and the subsequent arrest of the child’s adoptive parents, neighbors say the family was well-behaved and oddly secluded behind fences and overgrown bushes that hid the family’s Crestwood Drive home.

The family was very religious, antisocial and overall odd, Knotts said

Parents arrested in child’s death

Kevin and Elizabeth Schatz Kevin Schatz, 46, and Elizabeth Schatz, 42, were booked into Butte County Jail on murder and child abuse charges. Police responded to the 500 block of Crestwood Drive at about 1 a.m. after receiving a report from Elizabeth of a female juvenile who was not breathing.

Paradise Police Sgt. Steve Rowe confirmed that the girl was allegedly beaten for mispronouncing a word