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Kent Hovind: Workers testify in Dr. Dino trial

Two people who worked for a Pensacola evangelist testified Wednesday in federal court that they didn’t consider where they worked to be a church. Evangelist Kent – Dr. Dino – Hovind is accused of failing to pay $473,818 in federal income, Social Security and Medicare taxes for employees of his Creation Science Ministry between March 31, 2001, and Jan. 31, 2004.

Evangelist Kent Hovind’s trial begins

Opening statements began Tuesday in the trial of Pensacola evangelist Kent Hovind and his wife, Jo. Between them, the Hovinds are charged with 58 counts of tax fraud involving their Creation Science Ministry. The ministry includes Dinosaur Adventure Land on North Palafox Street, a creationist theme park dedicated to debunking evolution.

Dinosaurs, Bible meet in Pensacola

A creationist theme park promotes the idea that the Earth is 6,000 years old. The scientific community puts the age of Earth at 4.5 billion years. PENSACOLA – The hand-painted sign outside the parking lot promised a Darwin-free dinosaur encounter: “Where Dinosaurs and the Bible meet!” Inside Dinosaur Adventure Land, a creationist theme park that sits behind a string of car dealerships on a busy commercial strip in Pensacola, a group of 50 home-schooled children romped in the muggy afternoon heat. Some played on the Long Neck Liftasaurus swing seat, while others dug for fossils or tossed water balloons at

Evangelist Kent Hovind´s trial postponed

The Tuesday trial of evangelist Kent Hovind and his wife, Jo, has been rescheduled for Oct. 17 in the U.S. District Court in Pensacola. Hovind, who calls himself ‘Dr. Dino,’ operates Dinosaur Adventure Land, a Pensacola theme park on North Palafox Street dedicated to creationism. Hovind is facing 58 federal tax charges, including evading nearly $470,000 in employee taxes. Hovind and his wife are also accused of structuring cash transactions of $430,5000 to avoid reporting requirements. Cash withdrawals of $10,000 or more must be reported to the Internal Revenue Service; the couple’s transactions were generally for $9,500 or $9,500, IRS

Judge denies Kent Hovind travel privileges

U.S. District Judge Casey Rodgers denied this week, the request to lift travel restrictions for Pensacola creationist Kent Hovind. Hovind, who calls himself “Dr. Dino” and operates Dinosaur Adventure Land, at 5800 N. Palafox St., was scheduled to travel to five South African cities between Aug. 12 and Aug. 21 to debate scientists who refute his belief that man did not evolve from dinosaurs but, rather, lived alongside them. After prosecutors argued earlier this month that Hovind posed a flight risk if allowed to leave the country, U.S. Magistrate Judge Miles Davis ordered Hovind to surrender his passport. Hovind said

Kent Hovind: Creationist’s fight with Uncle Sam may evolve into painful defeat

We learn some things early in life. One is to pick our fights and beware of big enemies who can squash us flat. But Kent “Dr. Dino” Hovind apparently feels the fight is worth the risk. He’s squaring off against Uncle Sam on charges of tax fraud. Hovind has lost before — with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court and with Escambia County’s right to require building permits for his Dinosaur Adventure Land, a park just east of Car City. But in this fight he has more to lose — his personal freedom. Still, the founder of “creation science evangelism” seems bent

Pensacola evangelist pleads not guilty to tax fraud charges

PENSACOLA – A Pensacola evangelist, also known as “Doctor Dino,” has pleaded not guilty to tax fraud charges. Kent Hovind is the owner of owner of the city’s defunct Dinosaur Adventure Land. Hovind was arrested on 58 federal charges including 44 charges jointly filed against his wife, Jo, for evading bank reporting requirements when they withdrew over 430-thousand dollars in 2001 and 2002. Hovind, who calls himself “Doctor Dino” and claims that that he is employed by God and owns no taxable property, has fought with the I-R-S for years. The indictment alleges Kent Hovind paid employees cash and called