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Kenneth and Gloria Copeland: Televangelist couple at center of debt controversy

Two of the most prominent faces in American televangelism, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland of Fort Worth, preach the gospel of financial prosperity. But News Eight learned some former business associates are wondering why that gospel didn’t apply to everyone in the flock. The people who ran Affordable Homes Limited said it was just about to take off when the Copelands suddenly backed out and left tens of thousands of dollars of debt. While limited partners like the Copelands have no financial obligation to pay the company’s debts, the question being asked by creditors is how do the Copelands later pay

Copeland isn’t waiting until the next life to reap his rewards

FORT WORTH, Texas – (KRT) – God and money took center stage when nationally known television minister Kenneth Copeland brought his Southwest Prosperity Convention to Fort Worth, Texas, last week. Copeland is one of the most prominent of a school of evangelists who preach an often-controversial theology that says when people immerse themselves in the Bible’s laws of prosperity, God will bless them with spiritual, physical and financial health. “God wants you to have life and have it more abundantly,” Copeland declared at the opening session Monday night, paraphrasing John 10:10. The six-day conference ended Saturday. When I walked into