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Dutch medium in criminal inquiry over actress’ death

AMSTERDAM — Prosecutors have launched a criminal investigation to determine if Dutch healing medium Jomanda broke the law by persuading actress Sylvia Millecam she did not have cancer. The Dutch film and television star later died of breast cancer. The investigation will determine whether Jomanda and the other therapists can be prosecuted for their role — if any — in Millecam’s death, Dutch public news service NOS reported on Thursday night. Jomanda has rejected claims she told Millecam to ignore her conventional doctors. The actress died in August 2001 at the age of 45. Doctors had diagnosed her with breast cancer

Psychic ‘misled actress to hopeless cancer death’

AMSTERDAM — Accused of misleading Dutch actress Sylvia Millecam to a “chanceless” death from cancer, psychic medium Jomanda was confronted on Wednesday with news that the Public Prosecution (OM) is set to launch a criminal investigation. After a Health Inspectorate report claimed on Tuesday that Jomanda was guilty of prosecutable actions, the public prosecutor OM said on Wednesday it will examine the matter and decide at a later date whether to launch an official investigation. Despite being diagnosed with breast cancer in 1999, Millecam never believed she was suffering from the disease. Instead, the actress thought it was a bacterial