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He sees dead people

The Sun-Herald (Australia), Jan. 14, 2003 The Sun-Herald The man dubbed “the Oprah of the other side” has his critics, but to fans, John Edwards is a Psychic phenomenon. As he heads to Australia, he talks to George Epaminondas. Just after nightfall in Uniondale, New York, a sleepy, suburban town far from the clamour and glamour of Manhattan, the temperature plunges well below zero, an icy rain blankets the landscape, and the lobby of the Long Island Marriott Hotel & Conference Center emits an almost malevolent glow. In other words, it’s the perfect night for raising the dead. Nearly

TV psychic inspires a vision of money

Times, Sep. 9, 2002 By BRIAN LOWRY, Los Angeles Times HOLLYWOOD — Michael Shermer, publisher of Skeptic magazine and director of the Skeptics Society, has an idea for a TV show that would debunk psychics, faith healers and other mysterious phenomena that he deems a fraud or simply explainable in less-than-supernatural terms. So far, no one has bitten. And surveying the TV landscape, it’s not hard to understand why — the strange and unexplained having been very, very good to television, providing scant incentive to suggest otherwise. “Crossing Over With John Edward,” whose host purports to communicate with

Spirit moves stars to see psychic

USA Today, Aug. 30, 2002 By Donna Freydkin, special for USA TODAY NEW YORK � When it comes to psychics, quite a few celebrities are finding a happy medium. “It’s not a fad. This has been going on for years,” says psychic John Edward, the host of Crossing Over With John Edward. Edward, of course, is daytime’s spiritual sensation whose celebrity-laden and completely overhauled syndicated show kicks off its third season on Tuesday. (The series will premiere first in daytime syndication and later on cable’s Sci Fi channel.) Perhaps because of competing clairvoyant James Van Praagh (another psychic whose

Psychics TV takes shows beyond the physical

El Paso Times, Aug. 3, 2002 Maribel Villalva El Paso Times On one show, viewers can witness a man as he relays messages from the dead to their loved ones still living. On another show, a woman translates the feelings of animals into a language humans can understand. Welcome to the television world of sixth-sense communication. They’re not your typical prime-time shows or self-help programs, but shows featuring psychics are growing in popularity — shows like “Crossing Over with John Edward” on the Sci-Fi Channel and “The Pet Psychic” featuring Sonya Fitzpatrick on Animal Planet “These shows couldn’t exist