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A Jury of His Peers

Last April, just weeks shy of his high school graduation, the 18-year-old straight-A student and star athlete ran away from his parents’ home in Long Beach to join a radical religious community called the Jesus Christians, which some say is a cult. When Joseph returned to his parents’ house one morning in early May with two other Jesus Christians to tell his family he’d joined the group, a fight broke out.

Sect helps men survive to tell tale of kidney disease

Larry Rosenfield and Brian Wilson have lived in Aspen for a collective 70 years. But they didn’t know each other until a life-threatening disease brought them together. Now they’re linked by a strong bond and want to tell their story in the hope that it helps people who may be facing the same medical issue. Rosenfield and Wilson both had kidney disease. Had they been diagnosed a few decades ago, they would have had a 50 percent chance of surviving. Both went on dialysis, a procedure that involves being hooked up to a machine five hours a day, three days

Couple sues Kenya Government

An Australian couple released last week after the state dropped abduction charges has sued the Attorney General seeking compensation. Roland and Susan Gianstefani who are members of an international religious sect known as Jesus Christians and Betty Waitherero whom they had been accused of abducting want the court to rule that their fundamental rights have been violated. They claim they have been denied the freedom of worship, freedom of expression and freedom of association among others. In an affidavit, Waitherero, a graduate of the United States International University-USIU says she and her seven-year-old son were never abducted and accuses her

Australian abduction charge dropped

Abduction charges against two Australian members of a religious sect have been dropped in a Kenyan court. Roland and Susan Gianstefani, members of the Jesus Christians, appeared in court today charged with abduction following the disappearance of Kenyan journalist Betty Waitherero Njoroge and her seven-year-old son, Joshua. The charges were dropped after Ms Njoroge attended the court hearing and presented an affidavit, Jesus Christians founder Dave McKay said. Ms Njoroge stated in the affidavit that she had joined the Jesus Christians voluntarily. “I affirm that both Roland and Susan Gianstefani are innocent of these false charges,” she said. The Jesus