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Jesus Camp gets Oscar nod

The Jesus Camp documentary prompted wildly different reactions, from glowing praise to threats of personal injury. Some of the film’s most vocal detractors accused Fischer of brainwashing children, and others swore they would burn down her church.

Kindergarten of Christ

The American evangelical organisation Kids in Ministry trains children as young as five in the gifts of healing, prophecy and speaking in tongues. Mick Brown attended its Extreme Prophetic Conference in Missouri.

Jesus Camp gets heated reactions from all sides

Perhaps a post on the Pentecostal Rumination and Review website sums up the conflicting emotions most succinctly: I love this film. I hate this film. It was the escalating debate over religion’s place in politics that shaped Jesus Camp, which follows a group of youngsters at the Kids on Fire camp in Devil’s Lake, N.D. Led by Fischer, the kids preach, pray and speak in tongues. They’re encouraged to repent their sins, to cradle plastic fetuses and to ask God to guide President Bush in nominating anti-abortion judges. Footage of them praying in front of a cardboard cutout of the president ranks among the more incendiary moments.

‘Jesus Camp’ causes furor

When Becky Fischer of Bismarck gave permission for a pair of documentary filmmakers to film at her Kids on Fire prayer camps, she felt good about the idea. She had met the filmmakers; she liked them. But even before the release of the film, Jesus Camp, bloggers were spreading the word about it: We lost control of the message before the movie was even released, Fischer said.

God’s Boot Camp?

Jesus Camp, a documentary feature film that follows evangelical Christian children at a religious summer camp, won prizes and critical praise on the summer festival circuit, but it wasn’t until its quiet opening in the Midwest two weeks ago that a news clip about the film hit, inciting a whirlwind of controversy.