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Accused killer in triple murder told man he was a werewolf

MEDICINE HAT, Alta. — Two acquaintances of a man accused of murdering his pre-teen girlfriend’s family say he professed to be a 300-year-old werewolf who liked the taste of blood. But Jeremy Allan Steinke’s terminally ill mother says her son is not the man many think he is and has a good heart. Daniel Clark, 22, told the Calgary Herald he once saw Steinke wearing what he thought was a small vial of blood around his neck and heard him refer to himself as a lycan — short for lycanthrope, or werewolf. “I said, ‘Yeah, whatever floats your boat,’” Clark

Road to a massacre

Few could have predicted the bizarre twists after a young boy stumbles upon a triple slaying The town of Leader is an oasis on the vast prairie of southwest Saskatchewan. Its tree-lined streets and green boulevards make for an idyllic setting for the 1,000-plus residents who live in a region billed as one of the sunniest places in North America and located in the district of Happyland. On Monday morning, Bill Clary, a custodian at the local school, rose to arrive for work early because he had to install a clock in the gymnasium before kids arrived for 9 a.m.

Goths defend their culture; More charges eyed in Alberta killings

A local goth vampiress worries alleged goth links to a triple murder in Medicine Hat could reinforce myths about a subculture that’s really about “exploring your uniqueness,” reports the Edmonton Sun. “I hope people will understand that not all goths are disturbed,” said Christina Tourangeau, 22. “It’s amazing how looks can deceive people.” A 23-year-old man and a 12-year-old girl facing three counts of first-degree murder in the weekend slayings of the girl’s parents and little brother were reportedly in to goth culture and its themes of darkness and death. Some friends of the 12-year-old girl said she had recently

Net holds dark hints on slayings

Pair accused in deaths of Alberta family posted messages on notorious websites CALGARY — It didn’t take long for the Internet and all the fears parents have about their children becoming prey on-line to take centre stage in a triple murder investigation in southern Alberta. Yesterday, Edmonton police asked a popular website to remove postings from the two people accused in the slayings of a family in Medicine Hat, about 290 kilometres southeast of Calgary. Before the material was deleted, it showed disturbing statements from one of the accused, a 12-year-old girl. “Are you stalking me? cuz that would be

Accused killers met on vampire website

Site features young people sharing feelings of depression, loneliness and anger mixed with gallows humour In one photo she can be seen holding a gun up to the camera — professing her love for goth, punk and death metal music. In another, she’s pretending to cry — black teardrops drawn in eyeliner marking her cheeks. These are the images of a pre-teen girl — and accused killer — all saved for posterity on the Internet. “I go crazy if I’m kept inside my house for to (sic) long,” the girl penned in a Feb. 23 blog entry. In that same

Girl, 12, charged with murdering family

Boyfriend, 23, also faces charges in deaths of her mother, father, brother Jeremy Steinke’s mother and stepfather leave the Medicine Hat Provincial Court Tuesday. MEDICINE HAT, Alta. — A 12-year-old girl accused of being one of Canada’s youngest-ever multiple murderers showed little emotion when she appeared in court for the first time Tuesday. At the same time, the family of one of victims began making funeral plans. The girl, the daughter of the family, cannot be named. She and Jeremy Allan Steinke, 23, had charges of first-degree murder read to them by Judge Darwin Greaves. Both were remanded in custody

Man, 23, girl, 12, charged in slayings

Medicine Hat, Alta. — Just two days before they were slain in their own home, Marc and Debra Richardson took their two children for a motorcycle ride on an unseasonably warm April day. It was typical for the close-knit family of four, who had moved to this small Alberta city in part so Mrs. Richardson could leave her job and spend more time with her children. Now, three members of that family — Mr. and Mrs. Richardson, and their grade-school-aged son — are dead, killed in their tidy four-level house some time before Sunday afternoon, police say. The elder child,