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Believers fill Newbury church to visit faithful doctor

Christine Blatnick is a firm believer that Dr. Isaam Nemeh is responsible for prolonging her life after his prayer led her to a second medical opinion and new medication for her lung cancer. Now the Newbury Township resident thinks Nemeh has helped her 9-year-old son, Bryan, with his struggles in school. “He told me my son was having problems with his memory, and he’s going to be fine now,” Blatnick said. While some are skeptical of faith healers – feeling is believing for the hundreds, if not more than a thousand, who came from all over Northeast Ohio on Sunday

Acupuncturist/faith healer buys spacious Westlake home

Dr. Issam Nemeh, who has drawn thousands to faith-healing services throughout the Cleveland area, just bought a $1.3 million home with his wife, Catherine, according to Cuyahoga County records. The 6,285-square-foot colonial in Westlake’s tony Quail Hollow development has 14 rooms, including seven bedrooms and 51/2 baths. Nemeh, who lays hands on the suffering for free at his massively attended prayer services, charges $250 for visits at his Rocky River acupuncture office, where patients wait day and night. His service Sunday in the auditorium at HealthSpace Cleveland was continually packed for five hours.

Healing through touch and faith

Sick and injured travel by thousands to CSU to receive free services of esteemed faith healer CLEVELAND – Page Snyder’s fourth birthday is in July. The little girl from Lakewood has a cute smile, and she flashes it briefly as her mother, Michelle, holds her. Just before Dr. Issam Nemeh places his hands on the child, he closes his eyes and begins to speak softly. Page’s father, Dave, watches closely. Two young women, alternating verses and speaking into microphones, repeat the same prayer in the background: Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among

Faith healer’s popularity reflects belief in alternatives

Opinion polls about prayer and health should leave no one surprised at the growing popularity of local faith healer Dr. Issam Nemeh. Praying is by far the most popular form of alternative medicine in America. While academics debate the influence of prayer on health, Nemeh’s healing ceremonies throughout Greater Cleveland revive questions about whether miracle cures are possible or provable. Despite testimonials of people who say they were cured of multiple sclerosis and other ailments by Nemeh and his healing team, several experts said not one case of miracle healing has ever been clinically proven. Believers counter that science is

Men, Woman Say They Were Cured by Faith Healings

Woman Told She Was Going To Die Says She Was Healed CLEVELAND — An unprecedented number of faith healings in Cleveland are taking place in area churches at a faster pace than ever before, NewsChannel5 reported. Ted Henry is sharing the stories of many Clevelanders who say they’ve been healed as a result of healing miracles. Those healed include friends, neighbors, prominent doctors, relatives, media personalities and even people from other states. See Also Hundreds Of Faithful Come To Cleveland For Hands-On Healing What they have in common is that each of them has received some sort of physical transformation