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New ‘Taleban’ clashes in Nigeria

Fighting has continued in northern Nigeria, involving a radical Islamic movement that calls itself the Taleban. The authorities had said they had crushed the uprising in Yobe State over the weekend but some Taleban youths fled to next-door Borno State. Local people confronted the Islamists, leading to clashes on Monday, in which seven Taleban and one local man died. Last week, the group stormed police stations, saying they wanted to set up an Islamic state in Nigeria. The uprising began early last week when militants attacked police stations in a number of towns, burned buildings and stole large quantities of

Nigeria: Authorities Clamp Down On Islamic Militants

Authorities in Plateau State, northern Nigeria, have banned a radical Muslim while in neighbouring Yobe State, security forces were deployed to quash recent anti-police violence caused by a little known Muslim sect, officials said on Thursday. On Wednesday, Plateau State governor ordered the ban of the Council of Ulamma, or the Muslim Council of Elders, on grounds that the group preaches religious hatred and intolerance. The Council is an authoritative religious body in the state and influences affairs concerning the Muslim community. The ban came one day after the council accused in newspaper adverts state authorities of anti-Muslim bias, an

Islamic Extremism Spreads in Central Asia

Islamic Extremist Group Spreads in Central Asia, Fueled by Government Crackdowns KARA-SUU, Kyrgyzstan Dec. 14 — The illegal flier boldly posted on the concrete telephone pole outside Dilyar Jumabayev’s home leaves no doubt about the sentiments of the man who lives inside: “All Muslims of the world unite against the infidels.” Through his black beard, Jumabayev shows an easy smile, but his words are vehement. “Muslims now realize who their enemies are. The United States and Britain want Muslims to fight against each other,” he said. Jumabayev, 32, is a member of the secretive Islamic organization Hizb ut-Tahrir, or Party

Baghdad Jews fear Wahabi terrorism

One of Emad Levy’s first memories is the image of Iraqis picnicking beneath the bodies of 11 Jews swaying gently from the gallows in downtown Baghdad. That was in 1969. Now the images of body parts strewn in the street beside Istanbul’s two synagogues are cranking up feelings of insecurity here among Baghdad’s 24 remaining Jews. With the tenor of threats from Iraq’s Wahabi mosques increasingly acid and incitement rank in the country’s newspapers, Levy, 38, custodian of the dying Iraqi Jewish community, wants out. Increasingly Baghdad is no place for Jews, and Levy scoffs at those who would come

Hamas chief Yassin rejects coexistence with Israel

Hamburg – Hamas spiritual leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin has again rejected the continued existence of Israel next to an independent Palestinian state, telling a German news magazine a Jewish state could be established in Europe. In interview excerpts slated for general distribution Monday in Der Spiegel, the elderly cleric opposed a two-state solution in which a Palestinian state would side by side with Israel, which would withdraw to its 1967 borders. “That would not work,” he said. “The Israelis claim 80 per cent of the territory and will only let us have 20 per cent. It would only be an

U.S. links Toronto group to bin Laden

Runs Islamic youth camps: Nephew Abdullah allegedly founded anti-Jewish assembly TORONTO – A Muslim youth organization that American counter-terrorism officials say was founded by Osama bin Laden‘s nephew has been operating in the Toronto area, the National Post has learned. The World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY), established in the United States by Abdullah bin Laden, publishes literature promoting Islamic jihad and hatred of Jews, according to a senior investigator. The Canadian branch, in Mississauga, operates under the supervision of the U.S. wing set up by Abdullah bin Laden, according to the group’s own literature. Its headquarters is in Saudi

Flow of Saudis’ Cash to Hamas Is Scrutinized

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, Sept. 16 — Nearly a year ago, Khalid Mishaal, a senior leader of Hamas, the militant Palestinian organization, attended a charitable fund-raising conference here where he talked at length with Crowni Prince Abdullah, the de facto Saudi ruler. According to a summary of the meeting written by a Hamas official, Mr. Mishaal and other Hamas representatives thanked their Saudi hosts for continuing “to send aid to the people through the civilian and popular channels, despite all the American pressures exerted on them.” “This is indeed a brave posture deserving appreciation,” the Hamas officials said, the document said.

Group faces eviction for celebration of Sept 11

Al-Muhajiroun, the extremist Muslim group that used the second anniversary of the September 11 atrocities last week to praise the “Magnificent 19” hijackers, is facing eviction from its London offices. The landlord of the business centre in Tottenham, north London, where al-Muhajiroun has rented premises since December 2001, said yesterday it had begun legal action to evict the organisation. The Workplace Group, which owns business property across London, acted after al-Muhajiroun praised the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington as “a good deed”. The company said the offices had been rented by Anjem Choudary, a chief spokesman for al-Muhajiroun,

Muslim extremist tied to attack on missionaries is sentenced to death

San’a, Yemen — A Yemeni court on Sunday sentenced a Muslim extremist to death for assassinating a key politician and planning attacks against three American missionaries — including a woman from Wauwatosa, Wis. — in December 2002. The sentencing immediately followed Ali al-Jarallah’s conviction in the Dec. 28, 2002, death of Yemeni Socialist Party deputy secretary-general Jarallah Omar during an Islamic political conference. Al-Jarallah was also convicted of coordinating the murders, two days later, of the three Americans at a Southern Baptist missionary hospital in Jibla, southern Yemen, and of forming a terror cell to kill local officials and foreigners.