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Licence to kill

Freedom fight is not about killing children in schools Fighting the violence in Chechnya with lives of innocent children is barbarism of the highest order. It depicts the ugly facade of those who try to equate callous and merciless actions as legitimate response to injustices committed. The blood orgy of ‘Ossetians,’ mostly ideological cousins of Russian 19 million-strong Muslim community, by a group claiming to be an offshoot of Al-Qaeda portrays the moral bankruptcy of their scheme. They are an Iranian-speaking people, who are mainly Sunni Muslims and descend from the medieval Alans. A group loyal to Ayman al-Zawahiri, second-in-command

Mattresses ‘soaked in blood,’ doctors ‘shaken and exhausted’

Relief and medical supplies sent to site of hostage drama NAZRAN, Russian Federation – Russian medical centers were overcome with the wounded, the dying and their blood in the hours after Friday’s violent conclusion to the hostage drama at a school in Beslan. The attack, by terrorists believed linked to some Chechen separatists, left an estimated 350 dead and hundreds more wounded. “The mattresses were soaked in blood. They couldn’t be cleaned; they had to be destroyed,” said David Womble, Russia program manager for the Christian humanitarian organization World Vision. Womble, based 12 miles away in Nazran, Saturday visited medical

Still unwilling to confront the cult of death

We’ve been forced to witness the massacre of innocents. In New York, Madrid, Moscow, Tel Aviv, Baghdad and Bali, we have seen thousands of people destroyed while going about the daily activities of life. We’ve been forced to endure the massacre of children. Whether it’s teenagers outside an Israeli disco or students in Beslan, Russia, we’ve seen kids singled out as special targets. We should by now have become used to the death cult that is thriving at the fringes of the Muslim world. This is the cult of people who are proud to declare, “You love life, but we

Stunned Russians observe day of mourning

BESLAN, Russia (AP) — Funeral processions filled the rainy streets of this southern Russian city Monday, carrying coffins large and small, as townspeople buried scores of victims of a carefully planned school siege that prosecutors linked to a Chechen rebel leader. Desperate families searched for those still missing from the siege at School No. 1, while others buried 120 victims during the first of two days of national mourning across Russia, which has seen more than 400 people killed in violence linked to terrorism in the past two weeks. Reports emerged that the attackers apparently planned the school seizure months

Ignorance breeds terrorism, says Dr Mahathir

ISLAMABAD: Former Malaysian prime minister Dr Mahathir Bin Muhammad has said that Muslim countries should seek modern knowledge to be strong in defence and to achieve self-reliance, APP reported. Dr Mahathir told ministers at a dinner Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz hosted for him, that exchange of experience would enable Muslim countries to strengthen their economies and compete. He said that reconciliation was needed to counter “extremism”. He said there was a need to understand what terrorism was all about. “We must press people to focus on the causes of terrorism,” Dr Mahathir said. Dr Mahathir said that due to different