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‘You will give me all your money’

Russians describe spellbinding crooks Moscow — He was striking, with dark eyes, a long black ponytail and a stylish suit. He had a large, cheap ring that Olga couldn’t stop looking at as he waved his hand repeatedly in front of her face. “He was talking gibberish,” she recalled. That he had left his wallet in a taxi. That he was supposed to meet someone at Sheremetyevo Airport. That he couldn’t remember where he lived. Olga offered him the $250 in her purse for a taxi, but he said it wouldn’t be enough. She found herself leading the man up

Hypnosis is moving deeper, deeper, into the mainstream

You are feeling very, very … healthy Hypnosis transports some people beyond serenity and absorption to a state of pure silliness. A solemn voice whispering to relax, breathe deeply and imagine a waterfall can bring to mind high school seances, Ouija boards, Woody Allen routines. Yet the very same technique, the same voice, can move others to climb mountains. After a fall on a climbing expedition that mangled her ankles, Priscilla Morton, a 48-year-old New Orleans social worker and mountaineer, discovered that she was afraid to step off the curb and onto the street, much less climb again. Using a

Hypnosis’s magic is that it works

Relieves anxiety and pain: Research shows measurable changes in brain function National Post (Canada), Aug. 8, 2003 Brad Evenson, National Post During a hypnotism show, the amazing Dr. Z once had a volunteer stick him with a long needle. Unruffled, he kept chatting with the audience as blood dripped to the stage floor. “I suggested to myself that it would not hurt, and it didn’t,” he explained. But Dr. Z is no stage huckster. His real name is Phil Zimbardo, professor emeritus at Stanford University, past president of the American Psychological Association, and a fervent believer in the magic