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The story of homoeopathy and how it has flourished

Snake-oil or cure-all? 250 years after the birth of its founder, the scientific controversy still rages, but its sales are rising quickly. Jeremy Laurance investigates a medical phenomenon Some call it snake oil, some believe it is the 21st century’s cure-all: 250 years after the birth of Samuel Hahnemann, the system of medicine he founded, homoeopathy, is still the focus of scientific controversy. Yet despite being mocked and ridiculed by the scientific establishment from the start, it flourishes today as one of the leading branches of complementary medicine, with millions of adherents across the world. In England, an estimated 470,000

Mayo homeopath ‘less than half qualified’

The Mayo alternative therapist whose patient died as a result of undiagnosed cancer completed “less than half” of her studies in the therapy she practises. According to the School of Homeopathy in Devon, England, Mineke Kamper left without completing her course in 2000. Stuart Gracie, the course director, said the Dutch-born therapist, who urges patients to avoid conventional medicine, undertook a correspondence course but only achieved foundation level in the treatment she has been prescribing to seriously ill people. “She was a student with us, but she left without completing the course. She did less than half of it. She

Sceptic’s tests support homoeopathy..

…Now the challenge for scientists is to repeat it To some it is the snake oil of the New Age. To others it is a tried-and-trusted treatment that has been good enough for the likes of Bill Clinton, the Prince of Wales, Geri Halliwell and David Beckham. Homoeopathy is big business and getting bigger. Yet there is little if any evidence to show that it works, and absolutely nothing to justify its central claim – that highly diluted solutions containing nothing but water can affect human health. That is until now. Researchers have just published what could be the first

Homeopathy, American-Style

VOA, Dec. 4, 2002 Erika Celeste The practice of homeopathic medicine dates back more than three thousand years. Today, this alternative healing practice is favored by more than a third of Europeans. Worldwide sales of homeopathic remedies last year topped $1 billion. Still, most Americans know little about this form of medicine. Joe Lillard, the owner of Homeopathy Works, is hoping to change that. Every year, thousands of tourists flock to Berkeley Springs to enjoy the healing properties of the spas’ spring water, get massages, or undergo acupuncture treatments. Once there, they often discover the natural remedies of homeopathy