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Vietnam Tries to Portray Cult Gathering as Christian

Vietnam The government tried to portray several thousand Hmong followers of a sub-Christian messianic cult as orthodox Christians while the military forcibly disbanded their gathering yesterday and today.

The cult members recruited from orthodox Christian groups — vulnerable to false teaching in a country where Christians cannot print their own Bibles and are subject to other restrictions — had gathered for religious reasons in Muong Nhe district, Dien Bien Province, but it turned into a confrontation before local defense forces disbanded them, bolstered by Vietnam People’s Army reinforcements hastily dropped in by helicopters.

Hmong family awarded more than $40,000 in suit vs Fresno cemetery

A Hmong family was awarded more than $40,000 Tuesday in a suit charging a local cemetery with burying their matriarch in a grave that already contained someone else’s bones — a repulsive finding family members said was an affront to their religious beliefs. The jury found Mountain View cemetery at fault for negligence and breach of contract for failing to bury Xia Yang “in a dignified manner.” But they also found Xia Yang’s family members partially responsible. The jury awarded them $40,414, including the price the family paid for the plot, instead of the $5 million they had asked for.