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Hardliners try to lead Quakers a merry dance

A hardline Islamist group attempted to book a conference at a Quaker meeting house by disguising itself as a Latin American dance organisation. Hizb-ut-Tahrir, which Tony Blair plans to ban as an extremist organisation, had booked Friends Meeting House in Central London using the name Salsa Bill Publishing House. The group, which describes itself as a non-violent political party seeking to establish an Islamic state, had called a national conference to be attended by 1,000 followers on Sunday. But the Quakers said yesterday that they had cancelled the booking and refunded the fee because they were unhappy that insufficient details

Islamic group challenges ban on it in Germany

BERLIN – Very few Germans have heard of it, but there is a case slowly working its way through the administrative courts that could strongly influence Germany’s strenuous and popular efforts to deal with what officials consider a threat from Islamic militants living here. The case has been filed by Hizb ut-Tahrir, or Party of Liberation, an Islamic group with members in many European countries. The group’s overriding objective – if far-fetched – is to unite the entire Muslim world under a single caliph, or supreme theocratic leader, reviving a system that has not existed since the early decades of