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Fortune-teller hit with new charges for trying to force woman to join his harem

A fortune-teller under arrest for threatening a woman who refused to join his harem was hit Wednesday with a new arrest warrant accusing him of attempting to force another woman to live with him, Tokyo police said. Hirohito Shibuya, 58, a self-proclaimed fortune-teller from Higashiyamato, western Tokyo, is accused of attempted compulsion. His former wife, 26-year-old Chiaki Shibuya, was also arrested over her alleged role in the case. Shibuya admitted to the allegations while his former wife, who still lived with him, denied that she played a part in the incident, local police said. The two ordered a 26-year-old woman

Fortune-teller admits to threatening woman who wouldn’t join his harem

A man under arrest for threatening a woman who wouldn’t join his harem has admitted to the allegations, police said. Hirohito Shibuya, who claims to be a fortune-teller, invited a 20-year-old woman to live with him and some 10 other women sometime around November last year. When she refused the offer, Shibuya, 57, allegedly told her, “You will be in danger if you tell anyone that I invited you.” Since being arrested on Jan. 26, Shibuya has talked with officers about his communal life with the women. “With several women living with me, my income rose and my life became

‘Polygamist’ used psychological tricks

Books on hypnosis found at home of Tokyo man who lived with 11 women Books on hypnosis were found Thursday at the home of Hirohito Shibuya, who was arrested Thursday on suspicion of threatening a 20-year-old woman in an attempt to get her to live with him, the police said. Following his arrest, Shibuya, 57, a self-professed fortune-teller, was found to be living with 11 women in Higashi-Yamato, Tokyo. Psychologists said the women in the house may have been subjected to mind-control techniques. The police also suspect Shibuya of threatening other women in an attempt to make them join his

Stun Gun, Tear Gas Spray Seized From Home of Polygamous Man

TOKYO, Jan. 27–(Kyodo) _ Police on Friday seized a stun gun and tear gas spray from the home of a 57-year-old man who was living with 11 women and a baby in Tokyo, a day after he was arrested for allegedly threatening a 20-year-old woman demanding that she lives with him as well. The police said the mother of one woman came to the home of Hirohito Shibuya in Higashiyamato in western Tokyo in around 2000 to try to bring home her daughter who was living in the group, and Shibuya allegedly sprayed the mother with tear gas. The police

Man who lived with harem told woman she would be turned to mince

A 57-year-old fortune-teller arrested on suspicion of threatening a young woman who refused to live with him and a harem of other women told the victim she would be turned into mince if she left, police investigators said. Police accused the suspect, Hirohito Shibuya, of threatening the victim after he failed to convince her to live with him and his harem of nearly a dozen women, several of whom he had reportedly married for short periods. Police reportedly confiscated numerous books on hypnotism from Shibuya’s home. They are analyzing them to determine whether they were connected with Shibuya’s alleged actions.

Middle-Aged Man Held for Alleged Intimidation in Forming ‘Harem’

TOKYO, Jan. 26 -(Kyodo)- The police on early Thursday arrested a middle-aged man who has allegedly threatened to force a young woman to live with him and a group of 10 women and an infant living with him for some years in a bid to form a “harem” in suburban Tokyo. The police identified the suspect as Hirohito Shibuya, a 57-year-old unemployed man from Tokyo’s Higashiyamato. Shibuya allegedly threatened one of the women by saying, “I’m a former senior official of the Japanese Self-Defense Force, and there are some secret agents around me,” according to investigative sources. A former 59-year-old