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Mark and Darlene Zschech leave Hillsong to pastor local church

World renowned and multi-awarded worship leader Darlene Zschech and her husband Mark announced recently that they will be leaving their megachurch to work as senior pastors at a Pentecostal church.

Darlene, who gained world fame because of her powerful voice and strong singing style, and her husband Mark, who is known for his work in missions in the developing world, will be leaving Hillsong Church after 25 years of service, to work as senior pastors at Church Unlimited in New South Wales, Australia. They will officially join the church in January 2011, according to Christian Today.

Hillsong hits schools with beauty gospel

Hillsong Shine Hillsong describes Shine as a “practical, life-equipping, values-based course” and its website is awash with glowing testimonials from young women whose lives have been improved by learning about “being a good friend” and “learning about myself”.

But serious concerns have been raised by teachers, adolescent developmental experts and parents groups. They say the program is inappropriate for troubled young women, that the under-qualified facilitators are reinforcing gender stereotypes. and that some parents have not been properly informed.

Socialite sings hymns to Hillsong

The poster adorning shopping malls across suburban Sydney showing the perennial party girl Katie Fischer knitting seems incongruous given her reputation for painting the town red. But James Packer’s former fiancee admits she is a changed woman, or rather the socialite who found God.

Welcome to the breadline

The news that the Federal Government has registered the welfare arm of Hillsong Church as the state’s – and possibly the country’s – biggest charitable provider of financial counselling services to indigent unemployed people has raised alarm bells in some quarters. Hillsong Emerge is strongly associated with the evangelical church, famous for its prosperity gospel. The welfare arm is best known for sending cheerful teams of young volunteers, clad in distinctive orange T-shirts, into disadvantaged neighbourhoods to mow lawns and do odd jobs, and if the occasion arises, to bring people to the church. But it does professional counselling, drugs

Hillsong emerges to serve jobless

The welfare arm of the Hillsong Church will be the biggest non-government provider of services to unemployed people in NSW under a new Federal Government welfare-to-work program. Hillsong Emerge will be paid by the Federal Government to counsel people who are stripped of their unemployment payment for eight weeks under tough rules that came into effect on July 1. The biggest charities have refused to take part in the program to “financially case manage” the most vulnerable unemployed, including sole parents and disabled people, who will be left without income. Hillsong Emerge registered to carry out the work and was

Australia Labor Party fears Hillsong reprisals

Sections of the Labor party are moving to placate Hillsong Church, fearing attacks over funding scandals could result in political retaliation from the evangelical church. Federal Labor MPs Kevin Rudd and Peter Garrett are said to be concerned that Labor is fighting, rather than cultivating, a style of dynamic religion that is rapidly gaining ground in aspirational electorates. A Labor figure – who accused Hillsong’s benevolent arm of rorting millions of dollars of public funds targeted at Aboriginal communities – claimed party bosses tried to gag him at Hillsong’s behest. The influential Labor Mayor of Blacktown in Sydney’s west, Leo