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Knutby pastor broke trial restrictions

The pastor of Knutby, who is currently serving a life sentence for being an accessory to the murder of his wife and attempted murder of a neighbour, was back on the front pages this week as Aftonbladet revealed that he broke restrictions on his custody while the trial was in progress – by secretly making a TV antenna from the metal spirals of two notebooks. The court decided that Helge Fossmo, 33, should have no access to the unprecedented media coverage of the case and banned him from having television or newspapers in his cell. But he requested permission to

Appeals court upholds Knutby verdict

Pastor Helge Fossmo has been sentenced by the Appeals Court to life imprisonment for the murder of his second wife, Alexandra, and for the attempted murder of a neighbour in January of this year. He was found not guilty of the murder of his first wife in 1999. The woman who actually pulled the trigger, the family’s nanny Sara Svensson, was also found guilty of murder and attempted murder and sentenced to secure psychiatric care. The verdicts are precisely the same as those handed down by the district court in August. However, nobody was happy with the decisions first time

Curtain falls on Knutby appeals

And so the cast of characters in the Knutby trial shuffles off into the wings, where they will wait nervously for the Appeal Court’s verdict in two weeks’ time. Pastor Helge Fossmo wants the sentence of life imprisonment for the murder of his second wife, Alexandra, overturned. But the prosecutor, Elin Blank, wants him found guilty of murdering his first wife too. She also wants Sara Svensson, the nanny who has admitted killing Alexandra Fossmo and attempting to kill a neighbour, sentenced to prison rather than psychiatric hospital. But the lack of conclusive evidence or indeed any form of agreement

Pastor’s mistress “remembers” new evidence

There can’t be a much trickier job in Sweden at the moment than being a judge in the Knutby Appeals hearing. An absence of evidence means they are unusually dependent upon the testimonies of the defendants, witnesses and experts. And unfortunately none of them seem to be able to agree. On Monday the court trekked out to the pastor’s old villa in Knutby. To the bathroom, to be precise, where Pastor Helge Fossmo’s first wife died of an injury to her head in 1999. Fossmo and his defence lawyer claim that his wife’s death was the result of a fall,

“I was a sex slave”

Throughout the course of the year, the Knutby Show has seamlessly encompassed the genres of tragedy, family drama, comedy, crime, violence and religion. To that list we can now add sordid erotica. For this week, as the trial continued in Stockholm’s Svea Appeals Court, the defendants revealed intimate details of their sex lives which had only been touched upon in the initial trial. And the media didn’t hold back in its reporting. You have been warned. Most of Wednesday’s hearing was taken up by Sara Svensson who followed last week’s blow-by-blow account of the murder with a not dissimilar description

Knutby: they’re back

No sooner had the verdicts been handed down at the end of Sweden’s sensational Knutby trial in early August than the talk of appeals began. Now, the whole case is back in the legal and media spotlight as the prosecution and both defence teams seek to have the sentences reconsidered. But first, a recap. On a cold night in January 2004 a woman was shot dead in the village of Knutby, not far from Uppsala. A short while later, the killer knocked on the door of a neighbour and shot him as he opened the door. He survived. The dead

All sides appeal murder case involving pastor convicted of murdering wife

STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) – A bizarre murder case involving a Pentecostal pastor convicted of manipulating his former nanny to shoot his wife will go another round in court as both prosecutors and defence lawyers appealed the initial ruling. Helge Fossmo was sentenced to life in prison last month for the murder of his wife, Alexandra, but prosecutors appealed Friday saying he should be convicted of killing his previous spouse as well. Defence lawyers also appealed the July 30 ruling, hoping to have the 32-year-old pastor acquitted on all charges in a case that has captivated Swedes for the last eight

Knutby – all back to court

In the absence of much real news this week, the tabloid editors found Knutby appealing. Literally, in fact: Pastor Helge Fossmo decided that he would appeal against his life sentence as soon as the judgement was announced a couple of weeks ago, and on Tuesday the prosecutor also filed an appeal against part of the court’s decision. Convicted of murdering his second wife Alexandra, Fossmo was absolved of responsibility for the death of his first wife Heléne in 1999. She was found dead in the bath, with a wound to her head. Despite the fact that the pastor changed elements

Swedish pastor appeals sentence for ordering nanny to kill his wife

STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) – The lawyer for a pastor convicted of manipulating his former nanny into murdering his wife said Monday he would appeal the life sentence a court handed down last week. Helge Fossmo, 32, was sentenced to life in prison Friday after the Uppsala District Court ruled that the Pentecostal church pastor persuaded Sara Svensson, 27, to shoot his wife as she was sleeping in their house in Knutby, about 75 kilometres (45 miles) northeast of Stockholm. Svensson also shot Fossmos’ neighbour, Daniel Linde, who survived the Jan. 10 attack. Helene Fossmo’s death was originally declared an accident

Press ‘M’ for murder

Stockholm – A Swedish Lutheran pastor who faked cellphone text messages from God to get his nanny-lover to murder his wife and try to kill the husband of a second mistress, was sentenced to life in jail on Friday. The case has fascinated Sweden with its intoxicating mix of sex, death and the workings of an obscure religious sect. The court found Helge Fossmo, a Pentacostal minister in the town of Knutby, north of Stockholm, guilty of inciting Sara Svensson, his childrens’ 27-year-old nanny, to kill his second wife and his next-door-neighbour, Daniel Linde. He was having an affair with