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Hare Krishna sect cows’ ‘ahimsa’ milk is UK’s costliest

Britain’s pampered cattle, which wear garlands and are milked by hands to the sound of sacred mantras, are said to produce the most expensive milk in the land at 1.70 pounds per pint.

The cows are being reared on a farm run by Hare Krishna followers, and as per Hindu beliefs, none must come to harm or be slaughtered after they stop producing milk.

‘Miracle escape’ for worshippers in temple blast

Firefighters have said that it was an “absolute miracle” no-one was killed in an explosion at a Hare Krishna temple.

The blast rocked the building after cylinders of gas powering a large cooker leaked during a festive meal.

About 30 people escaped from the temple in Leicester when the organiser raised the alarm just seconds before the explosion yesterday. A third of the building in Thoresby Street was destroyed in the blast.

Worshippers had been cooking in the kitchen area during the afternoon for a religious festival.

The festivities were organised by Iskcon Leicester – the International Society for Krishna Consciousness – to mark Lord Krishna’s “Appearance Day”.

US court tells ISKCON to stop seeking donations at LAI airport

The Hare Krishna movement has been stopped from seeking donations at the Los Angeles International Airport by a US court.

The court allowed the Los Angeles Police to enforce a 13-year-old municipal ordinance which would prevent members of the movement from seeking donations at the airport.

“From now on, the travelling public will not have to worry about solicitors asking for money,” Gina Marie Lindsay, executive director of Los Angeles World Airports, which operates the Los Angeles International Airport, said after the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals lifted a preliminary injunction imposed in 1997, which stopped city police from enforcing solicitation ban against groups seeking donations, in particular the members of the ISKCON of California.

The ruling still allows groups and individuals to distribute literature and speak to willing travelers.

UK: Hare Krishna temple president quits over beating scandal

Gauri Das The president of a Hare Krishna temple in Letchmore Heath has been forced to resign after being found guilty of beating students in India.

The first wave of allegations against Gauri Das was investigated in May 1995 by ISKCON. At the time, it acknowledged the beatings but said they were not “serious”.

After the founding of the organisation’s child protection branch, based in Florida, the investigation into Gauri Das was reopened in 2006, resulting in Monday’s report.