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Some Europeans spooked by Halloween

In Europe, steady encroachment of a “bad American habit” breeds a holiday backlash. VIENNA, Austria — It’s almost Halloween, and all those ghosts, goblins, tricks and treats are giving Hans Kohler the creeps. So the mayor of Rankweil, a town near the Swiss border, has launched a one-man campaign disparaging Halloween as a “bad American habit” and urging families to skip it this year. “It’s an American custom that’s got nothing to do with our culture,” Kohler wrote in letters sent out to households. By midweek, the mayors of eight neighboring villages had thrown their support behind the boycott. So

Religious leaders differ on acceptability of Halloween

Halloween is a fixture in modern American culture, but the custom of “trick or treating” and attending costume parties is quite different from how Halloween began about 2,000 years ago. Local religious leaders present Halloween views In response to a letter from William Van Amber Fields published in Saturday’s Religion section regarding his belief about the evils associated with the celebration of Halloween, the News-Sentinel sought the opinions of local religious leaders on whether they believe Halloween violates the principles of the Bible. Pastors were asked about the custom of a young child wearing costumes and asking for candy and

Halloween history: Is it really an evil holiday?

Irish customs reveal spiritual roots of popular American celebration When most of us think about Halloween, thoughts of witches with long, warty noses, black cats and broomsticks, and the worship of Satan pop into our minds. But is this really what Halloween is all about? Or is there a deeper, more spiritual meaning? Many followers of the Christian faith today recognize Halloween as being the holiday of the devil and think of those who celebrated the holiday in the past as performing bloody sacrificial rites and other evil acts. Many Christians look down upon those who celebrate this holiday; even