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Exotic dancer pleads not guilty in N.J. body parts case

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. – An exotic dancer accused of illegally keeping human body parts in her home pleaded not guilty yesterday to unlawful disposal of human remains, her lawyer said. Attorney Donald DiGioia also said bail for his client was cut in half, to $50,000. Linda Kay, 31, of South Plainfield, was arrested Friday, two days after authorities said she skipped a court appearance. She was taken to the Middlesex County jail in lieu of $100,000 bail. She was charged last week after police were called to her home on a report that her roommate was suicidal. The roommate was

N.J. Stripper to Plead in Body Parts Case

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. — An exotic dancer accused of illegally keeping human body parts in her home plans to plead not guilty to charges of unlawful disposal of human remains, her attorney said. Linda Kay was arrested late Friday, two days after authorities said she skipped a court appearance. She was taken to the Middlesex County Jail, where she remained late Saturday in lieu of $100,000 bail. Her attorney, Donald DiGioia, said he looked forward to discussing his client’s case with prosecutors. “She is a good, gentle individual who has a nontraditional job,” DiGioia said Saturday night. “She has no

Linda Kay: Nude dancer fails to appear in court to answer body parts charges

SOUTH PLAINFIELD, N.J. — An exotic dancer who kept a collection of human body parts in her home skipped a court appearance Wednesday and was being sought by police in what was only the latest bizarre twist involving occupants of the house. Linda Kay, 31, faces charges of illegally possessing human remains and failing to show up for court. Her roommate, Sean McDonough, faces charges that he held guns and knives to the head and stomach of a former roommate, threatening to gut her. Andrea Leipow, who said she lived with pair about two months, termed Kay and McDonough “lunatics.”

Police Find Severed Hand Named ‘Freddy’ in Jar at Goth Stripper’s N.J. Home

SOUTH PLAINFIELD, N.J. ó An exotic dancer who decorated her home with skulls and a severed hand has been arrested and charged with improper disposition of human remains, authorities said. Police responding to a report Friday of a suicidal person at the home of 31-year-old Linda Kay discovered a large, crudely severed human hand in a mason jar of formaldehyde on the dresser of Kay’s basement bedroom, according to the police report. While the subject of the initial phone call was not located in the home, authorities found six skulls in an upstairs room. The Middlesex County medical examiner has

Goth teenagers feel persecuted

MEDICINE HAT — It’s not easy being a goth in Medicine Hat. Since 23-year-old Jeremy Steinke and his 12-year-old girlfriend, both members of the goth scene, were charged with killing her parents and eight-year-old brother, members of the dark subculture have come under unwelcome scrutiny. A group of young teens outside a Medicine Hat high school, wearing black and red clothing and covered in dark, thick makeup, said since the murders, life is more difficult. “I find it harder to get around because they all find us to be bad people,” said Kayla, 14. “Cab drivers react weirdly to us.

Murder sparks Goth novel’s removal

The grisly triple murder in Medicine Hat has forced a school in the southern Alberta city to pull a resource book indefinitely from its curriculum. Although the Alberta book Runner is a valuable read for Grade 7 and 8 students, its content strikes a sensitive chord among Hatters reeling from the April 23 discovery of a dead family, said Alexandra junior high principal Lorne Cooper. “One of the characters in Runner is a Goth girl,” said Cooper, whose city was rocked by the murders in which the 12- and 23-year-old suspects are allegedly part of the Goth sub-culture. Cooper said

Goth lesson worries mom

Just weeks after two people described as goths were charged with a grisly Medicine Hat triple slaying, a parent said she is outraged over a school lesson she says glorifies the dark culture. A Medicine Hat mom said she was shocked when her 13-year-old daughter told her about an assignment at Alexandra junior high school that had students painting pictures of their faces in black and white and surfing “disturbing websites.” “They took this project and personalized it by having the kids paint pictures of themselves with goth makeup,” said the Medicine Hat mom, who didn’t want to be named.

Don’t mock goths: future’s bright for the men and women in black

It is every parent’s nightmare: the moment their teenagers adopt black hair dye and white make-up. But a report suggests these children usually have a bright future. Ciar Byrne reports Mancunians call them crows. Parents tend to adopt stronger language. But behind the black hair dye and white make-up Goths, it is claimed, are simply art lovers, who aspire to middle-class values and will end up in respectable professions. Dr Dunja Brill, a 32-year-old German with her own Gothic tendencies, studied the subculture in Brighton, Edinburgh, Berlin and Cologne for her doctorate in media and cultural studies at Sussex University.

Vicar preaches the word of goth

Clad in black, heavily painted with pale make-up and dark eyeliner, the goth‘s way of life is not usually associated with a church service unless, that is, it is being conducted by the Rev Marcus Ramshaw. The associate vicar at St Edward King and Martyr church in Cambridge, himself a goth, holds a 45-minute service complete with candles and a specially written liturgy for members of the goth community. There are no hymns but goth music is played instead, including artists such as Depeche Mode, Joy Division and the Sisters of Mercy, said Mr Ramshaw, 34. “The service seeks to

Praise be to Goth . . .

A chaplain is helping to show young “Goths” the light – with a special church service. The Rev Marcus Ramshaw, a Goth himself, leads the unusual fortnightly gathering at St Edward King and Martyr, in Peas Hill, Cambridge. Having songs by Depeche Mode and Joy Division blasted through the sacred vault of Clare Chapel may shake a few of the church’s older congregation, but for Mr Ramshaw it is about welcoming an excluded minority. He said: “As Goths there is a broad sense of an outlook of life that focuses on the bad things. “The point of the service is