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Was it virtue or betrayal?

When the Gospel of Judas was released last spring, another book appeared, The Secrets of Judas, which sneered at the notion that the new gospel was revolutionary or that it revealed anything new about Jesus. Author James M. Robinson, a giant in the world of early Christian studies, also accused National Geographic of sensationalizing the gospel in order to make as large a profit as possible.

The ‘good news’ of Judas: Are the contents of this treasure the gospel truth?

Given that the old Greek word behind the English term “gospel” means “good news,” you have to wonder whether the much-touted and recently published Gospel of Judas really qualifies as either. Assuming that you didn’t give up the media for Lent – which, come think of it … oh, never mind – you could hardly have avoided this month’s announcement about the latest addition to the religious history files. To make a long story short: The Gospel of Judas is part of an ancient manuscript (known as Codex Tchacos, for you archaeology wonks out there) that apparently was unearthed in

The ‘Judas Gospel’ – Why the Church Triumphed Over the Gnostics

News of the “Gospel of Judas” coincides nicely with the never- ending juggernaut of The Da Vinci Code, the novel and soon-to-be- released motion picture. Both bring into the public forum a long- dead group of pseudo-Christian cults called the Gnostics. Who were these “alternate” Christians, and what do they have to say to the modern world? Is the Christianity practiced today what Christ really intended? And is there something we’re not being told? The umbrella term Gnosticism typically refers to a disorganized collection of sects that were often hybrids of Christian influences and much older “mystery religions” common in

Judas Gospel woman had been arrested in Cyprus

The woman at the centre of the Judas Gospel controversy was once arrested in Cyprus at the request of Italian police over suspected illegal dealing in antiquities, it emerged yesterday. And in another indication of the smallness of the shady world of art dealing, the news of possible fraudulent dealings in the case of the Judas manuscript was first hinted at by Dutch art dealer Michel van Rijn, who was instrumental in the sting operation to return the Kanakaria mosaics to Cyprus in the 1990s. Several articles yesterday, including one in the Los Angeles Times detailed the Cyprus arrest of

‘Gospel of Judas’ is heresy & unreliable history, profs say

JACKSON, Tenn. (BP)–The newly published “Gospel of Judas” contains teaching that is completely foreign to the New Testament, according to the assessment of several Union University professors. “It presents a completely different cosmology and theology from what we find in the New Testament,” said George Guthrie, the Benjamin W. Perry Professor of Bible at Union University, a Baptist-affiliated university in Jackson, Tenn. Guthrie and other Christian studies faculty members at Union said the Gospel of Judas document is unreliable as a source for the actual historical events in the life of Jesus and promotes the heresy of Gnosticism, an ancient

Iscariot and the dark path to the Field of Blood

Our correspondent takes issue with recent attempts to portray Judas in a sympathetic light Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Jesus with a perfidious kiss, has been viewed throughout the ages as the chief villain of the story of the Crucifixion. In January, however, it was rumoured that the Vatican, following revisionist theologians who argued that Judas was simply Jesus’ agent in His dealings with the chief priests, was planning to rehabilitate the black sheep among the Apostles. These rumours turn out to anticipate the main thesis of the apocryphal Gospel of Judas which has just been released, to a blaze of

‘Good Judas’ idea provocative, but a tough sell

Early manuscript a hot topic in area’s churches for Holy Week It’s going to take more than the translation of an old Coptic papyrus to rehabilitate the image of Judas Iscariot. The archetypal villain known for betraying Jesus for 30 pieces of silver holds a special place in the ninth circle of hell in Dante’s “Inferno.” He is the one apostle who has salt spilled on the table in front of him, signifying bad luck, in Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper.” He has inspired lyrics for everyone from Bob Dylan to Iron Maiden. Bay Area clergy said Friday that

Dating of the Gospel of Judas is religiously crucial

(AP) – The tale of how the Gospel of Judas was rediscovered is worthy of a hard-boiled detective novel, but there’s an even more tantalizing religious mystery – whether the newly released document tells us anything authentic about either Jesus or Judas. Instead of Judas as the sinister betrayer, the Egyptian Coptic text issued Thursday portrays Judas as Jesus‘ confidant, chosen to be told spiritual secrets that the other apostles were not. Jesus also asks Judas to hand him over to his enemies, a possible elaboration on a New Testament phrase in which Jesus tells Judas: “What you are going