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Preacher’s golf parable takes swing at Bushes

Kennebunkport, Maine — When the president worships on the road, it is customary for the pastor to pretend he’s not there — or to, at most, greet him and maybe remember him in a prayer. The fiction is a tad ludicrous, given the armored entourage in the driveway and the press pool back by the collection plates. But it is observed more often than not, as the president tries for an hour to appear to be just one more parishioner. Well, no one told that to the Very Rev. Martin Luther Agnew Jr., who was up from Shreveport, La., for

Bush’s Religious Language

George W. Bush began to take part in a Bible study group in 1985, after two decades of binge drinking. For two years he studied the Scriptures and put his heavy drinking behind him. In that same process, he succeeded in refocusing his life, which had been diffused and confused, into a coherent cosmic vision–or ideology–which corresponded to the mentality of the conservative evangelicals of his country. Bush and God Our Christian in Chief The President Rides Out Bush puts God on his side Bush’s Remark About God Assailed If President Bush truly is a Christian – as he claims

Our Christian in Chief (Colorado), July 6, 2003 (Opinion: Clay Evans) Jesus is a big book, and despite the glib pronouncements of fundamentalists, he can be read in contradicting ways. And that’s just based on the 27 books of the New Testament now accepted as the inspired word of God as it relates to Jesus. How weird that today’s Protestant fundamentalists are so fist-poundingly insistent about the literal, complete veracity of that same New Testament. After all, the men at the First Council of Nicea, 325 A.D., who decided which of dozens — some say hundreds — of books would be included

Bush puts God on his side

BBC, Apr. 6, 2003 By Tom Carver, BBC Washington correspondent Before September 11, President George W Bush kept his evangelical Christian beliefs largely to himself. Bush and God If President Bush truly is a Christian – as he claims to be – the publishers of Apologetics Index, which includes Religion News Blog, call on him to also act like a Christian. In the context of this news blog, we call on him to• stop ignoring America’s dismal human rights record• stop his support for human rights violations (e.g. America’s use and promotion of the death penalty and America’s use

The President rides out

The President rides out George Bush’s foes see him as an inarticulate bully. Friends say that evangelical faith underpins his every action. Ed Vulliamy goes back to Bush’s dusty Texan roots to find out what really drives the man who now stands on the brink of war The Observer (England), Jan. 26, 2003 At 4.40pm on Friday 14 September 2001, George Walker Bush finally became President of the United States. He was amid the ruins of the World Trade Centre, greeting a crowd of rescue workers. On the way, New York governor George Pataki had jibed: ‘See those people?