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The crumbling of Camp David

Source: The Press (New Zealand) Publication date: 2002-08-03 Arrival time: 2002-08-04 http://– BROKEN URL -/pages/newsreal/Story.nsp?story_id=31932460 The bizarre religious cult in Waipara that is now in tatters was once a thriving commune, members believing eccentric leader Douglas Metcalf was Jesus Christ. When enigmatic, self- styled Bishop Douglas Metcalf dropped dead at his Camp David commune in Waipara, aged 68, some of his followers expected he would rise again in three days. Like good apostles, they kept a 24-hour vigil over his body that lay in state at the cult’s headquarters in June 1989, watching for any signs of his resurrection.

Trust in lawyer’s hands

The Press (New Zealand), Aug. 2, 2002,1008,1285097a1934,FF.html 02 August 2002 The trustees of the Full Gospel Mission Trust have agreed unanimously to put the trust’s fortunes in the hands of a barrister. The six trustees, Neil Eggleston, Bruce Hingston, Joanna Hingston, Arnold Love, Garry Love, and Ross Williams, met on Wednesday night to discuss a petition from former members of the Full Gospel Mission Fellowship which asked for the trust’s assets to be sold and the proceeds distributed to charity. Assets include 180ha at Murchison, a 48ha property in the prime wine-growing area of Waipara and the fort-like headquarters

Tug-of-war develops over cult’s camp

Source: Waikato Times Publication date: 2002-07-30 Arrival time: 2002-07-31 http://– BROKEN URL -/pages/newsreal/Story.nsp?story_id=31847406 A tug-of-war is developing over Camp David, the multimillion- dollar property of a cult on prime wine-growing land near Waipara, North Canterbury. Former members of the Full Gospel Mission Fellowship, who poured millions of dollars into the sect, want the assets sold and the money distributed to charity, but a handful of members who still live at the camp or run businesses from it want to keep it. The foundations of the fellowship crumbled after revelations in early 1996 about the secret life of its late

Sect ready to fight for survival; Police raid captured arms

The Press – Christchurch (New Zealand) Publication date: 2002-08-01 http://– BROKEN URL -/pages/newsreal/Story.nsp?story_id=31874372 Armed men and women were prepared to fight in the 1970s for the survival of Camp David, near Waipara, says a former member of the Full Gospel Mission Fellowship. John Turton, who is now a Presbyterian minister at Reporoa in the central North Island, said men and women marched as a military group “basically preparing for what I consider was anarchy”. The group’s military might was thwarted by a police raid on the camp and members’ homes throughout New Zealand in 1977. Firearms and ammunition were