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Forum for Cult Land Dispute

The long-running tug-of-war over Camp David, the former headquarters of the Full Gospel Mission Fellowship near Waipara, could be drawing to a close. A date has been set for a settlement conference in the High Court at Christchurch in which parties will lay claim to a share of the spoils of the 48ha property in the heart of Waipara’s wine-growing area. If the November 29 conference fails to resolve issues between followers of the late Douglas Metcalf who have left the camp and those still living or working within the fort-like structure, the matter could go forward to a formal

Fate of Camp in Hands of Court

The fate of Camp David, the former Waipara headquarters of the Full Gospel Mission religious sect, will be put in the hands of the High Court. Kerry Ayers, the legal adviser for Trustees Executors Ltd, the sole trustee of the Full Gospel Mission Fellowship Trust, said yesterday that an application was “pending” to the High Court, asking it to decide the best way to deal with the trust’s assets. It will be the second time the High Court has been asked to intervene in the trust’s affairs. The trust deed allowed the assets of the trust to be transferred to

New twist to tug-of-war over cult’s assets

The Press, July 23, 2003 http://infobrix.– BROKEN URL -/ Source: “Press, The; Christchurch, New Zealand” An independent party is poised to enter the tug-of-war over the assets of a former religious cult in prime wine-growing country near Waipara. An application will be filed in the High Court soon for Tower Trust Ltd to become the sole trustee of the Full Gospel Mission Trust. Kerry Ayers, principal of Christchurch firm Helmore Ayers, who revealed the twist in the saga yesterday, said the trustees felt the appointment of Tower Trust would “assist in resolving any outstanding issues prior to termination of

Old sect tapes to be burnt

The Press (New Zealand), Dec. 4, 2002 http://– BROKEN URL -/ Audio tapes and sensitive material from the halcyon days of a Waipara religious sect will be destroyed at a secret location this week. But former members will not get the satisfaction of seeing part of their troubled past go up in smoke. Only their legal representative, who was not available for comment yesterday, has been invited by the five trustees of the

Sect land fight may go to court

The Press (New Zealand), Aug. 30, 2002 http://– BROKEN URL -/pages/newsreal/Story.nsp?story_id=32540080 Disillusioned former members of a religious sect have taken their fight over the cult’s prime Waipara real estate to the office of the Solicitor General. The group of about 70, who poured millions into Camp David and left penniless, want the property sold and the money given to charity. But they have met solid resistance from trustees of the Full Gospel Mission Fellowship Trust set up by the former leader of Camp David, Douglas Metcalf, who died in 1989. The former members have asked the Solicitor General “to