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The Five-Percent rap

Lauded by Hip-Hop artists from Busta Rhymes to the Wu-Tang Clan, linked to drug dealers and prison gangs, The Nation of Gods and Earths — or, as they are popularly known, the Five Percenters — have inspired controversy for almost 40 years.

Inmates Are Free to Practice Black Supremacist Religion, Judge Rules

Until two weeks ago, Intelligent Tarref Allah, a 27-year-old Brooklyn native convicted of murder in 1995, was just a gang member in prison asking for special treatment. For years, New York State prison officials would not allow Mr. Allah — who is known to inmates and guards by his new legal first name, Intelligent, or Intel — to openly practice what he describes as his religion, central tenets of which encourage self-analysis, meditation and a black supremacist message. Mr. Allah is a Five Percenter, part of a black militant group that broke from the Nation of Islam in the 1960’s.

Probe Looks at Possible Rap, Drug Ties

AP, Feb. 17, 2003 New York (AP) – Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff had checked into a luxury hotel in Miami late last year when detectives showed up at his door. They arrested McGriff on a weapons charge, but only as a pretext. By then, he was a key suspect in a secret investigation into alleged ties between the rap music industry and drug trafficking. Federal prosecutors heading the investigation have refused to discuss McGriff – a convicted crack cocaine kingpin who spent a decade behind bars – or any other aspect of a case that has shaken the rap world. But

Chaplain thinks sniper suspect is part of cult

Finger Lake Times, Nov. 1, 2002 Although one of the accused Beltway snipers, John Muhammad, is reported to be a practicing Muslim, a Finger Lakes prison chaplain says it’s more likely he’s a member of a cult offshoot of the religion. ROMULUS – Deacon Gregory Kiley, the Roman Catholic chaplain at Five Points Correctional Facility, believes Muhammad is a member of a cult founded in the New York state prison system. “I’m quite sure that he belongs to a cult … called the Five Percenters,” said Kiley, who works with prisoners of all faiths at the maximum security facility.

Prisons, hip-hop speading a new faith

Lord Premier was playing chess when the guards came for him. They entered his cell, cuffed him, took his books and papers. At first, they wouldn’t tell him what he had done. They carted him off to a prison within a prison at the Evans Correctional Institution in Bennettsville, S.C., a maximum security institution of 1,000 inmates. There he spent 23 hours a day locked up. For his hour a day in the rec yard he was shackled hand and foot. His crime? He followed the teachings of the Five Percent.