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Greed Said to Be Throwing Feng Shui Off Balance

Feng Shui The modern pursuit of money in this territory of gleaming office towers and rural villages has long co-existed amicably with the embrace of ancient beliefs. Even a major brokerage firm issues an annual financial forecast based, albeit lightheartedly, on the Chinese horoscope.

But recent events have fueled fears that greed may be debasing the practice of feng shui, the Chinese system of geomancy by which the auspicious positioning of objects is believed to ensure harmony, health and fortune.

Feng Shui Behind Bay Area City Addressing Change

People who practice the ancient Chinese art of feng shui are known to be picky about the placement of doors and windows in their homes, but the numbers on their mail boxes? Yes, according to developers in the city of Hayward, who are challenging the rules by which addresses are assigned in the city. Under a system established in the 19-50s, streets in Alameda County are numbered based on how far the homes are from downtown Oakland. The method puts five digits on almost every mailbox in Hayward and other far-out cities — increasing the odds that a home will

Disney uses feng shui to build Mickey’s new kingdom

When Disney began designing its newest kingdom in Hong Kong, planners decided Mickey’s magic wasn’t enough for success. The park needed an extra boost from “feng shui.” The ancient Chinese practice involves ensuring that there is a good flow of energy, or “qi” (pronounced CHEE). Buildings and other structures need to face a certain direction depending on their surroundings. Elements such as wood, fire and earth have to be carefully balanced. It’s a tricky business, but few dare to ignore it in Hong Kong. Many believe bad feng shui (pronounced FUNG SHWAY) can cause financial ruin, and Disney wasn’t about

Locating a lucrative qi

The prolonged economic downturn in Hong Kong has prompted some of the jobless to turn to the ancient Chinese art of fortune-telling, writes Margaret Wong. Hong Kong’s biggest bank gave Alic Pang a choice: Take a buyout to quit or face deep cuts in his benefits.† The 14-year employee decided to leave HSBC Holdings to pursue a new livelihood Ė the ancient practice of Chinese fortune-telling, guided by the placement art of feng shui, astrology and other factors such as the exact time of a clientís birth.† Pang hasnít looked back. He says fortune-telling offers him an unbeatable combination of

Feng Shui masters revel as Asian property picks up

HONG KONG/BANGKOK Ė Asia’s feng shui masters are thanking their lucky numbers as the ancient Chinese practice gains in popularity and the region’s property markets are on the upturn. Feng shui has become so popular among Asia’s ethnic-Chinese business elite from Bangkok to Beijing that Western investors are hiring practitioners, partly to please staff and local partners. For example, self-styled Singapore “queen of feng shui” Lyn Yap, who counts Oracle Systems, Citibank and ICI Paint among her clients, said IBM paid $6,000 for her services. She ensured the positioning and characteristics of IBM’s seven-story office conformed to the principles of

Correct Placement: Around Your Neck

Feng shui: It’s an ancient Chinese tradition, it’s a New Age lifestyle — and now it’s a trademark. Irwin Sternberg, the neckwear maven who gave the world Jerry Garcia ties, told a business conference at the University of Baltimore yesterday that he has trademarked the words “feng shui,” which mean “wind and water” but describe the art of placing objects in accord with principles of energy and balance. “It’s a wonderful mission that we’re on, for people who really understand feng shui, and for those who want to learn about it,” Sternberg, a 1968 marketing alum of the university, told