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Me and my guru

Madonna has one, Tony Blair has one, even the England football team have one. So how did the guru become the latest must-have accessory? The Observer (England), Aug. 25, 2002,11913,780212,00.html Polly Vernon The guru industry is a growth market, fuelled by our increasingly rampant need to be advised and counselled, powered by the force of celebrity endorsement, encouraged by assorted contemporary malaises. Strictly speaking, guru means teacher, but in a contemporary context, it’s a flexi-word that denotes a vague notion of authority and higher knowledge, and, rather thrillingly, the potential to pass on that knowledge to a select few.

Heavens on earth

The Scotsman (Scotland), July 25, 2002 Louisa Pearson How does the thought of going through 26 yoga postures in rapid succession in a room heated to 105°F strike you? Dizzying? Madness? Or does it sound like the road to enlightenment? Hot yoga, the creation of Bikram Choudhury, is the latest lifestyle choice to hit the headlines. But can the usual line-up of celebrity endorsers – this time Helen Hunt and Raquel Welch – and claims that range from improved health to increased tolerance levels convince us to jump on the bandwagon? Frances Corr of the Scottish Yoga Teachers’ Association