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Ex-cleric Emmanuel Milingo shunned by other dissidents

It would seem that Roman Catholics challenging the ban on married priests have found a leader in former Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo. He’s defiantly appeared with his bride from a 2001 Unification Church wedding at which hundreds of couples tied the knot. He stood his ground last month after being excommunicated for installing four married men as bishops. But the 76-year-old prelate from Zambia finds himself more shunned than celebrated, even by his ideological allies.

Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo Repudiates Expulsion

A Roman Catholic archbishop dismissed from the Church on Tuesday for consecrating four married men as bishops said yesterday that he does not accept his excommunication and will work to have the Vatican lift its requirement that priests be celibate. “We do not accept this excommunication and lovingly return it to His Holiness, our beloved Pope Benedict XVI, to . . . withdraw it and join us in recalling married priests to service once again,” Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo said in a written statement read for him at a news conference at Imani Temple in Northeast Washington.

Pope expels the exorcist archbishop Emmanuel Milingo

At a time when the Roman Catholic church, like other traditional Christian denominations, needs all the believers it can get, the Vatican does not turn lightly to excommunication. Yet earlier this week Pope Benedict decided the time had come to throw bell, book and candle at one of the most trying members of his flock – not just any rebel Catholic, but an archbishop, no less. Emmanuel Milingo, once the archbishop of Lusaka in Zambia, has been in and out of trouble for more than 20 years now.