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Embassy of God to Stay at Kyiv Sports Complex

The School of Higher Sporting Arts on Kyiv’s Tychynyi Street will soon be repaired. During repair, the Embassy of God religious organization, which rents this site, will stop holding services there. However, it plans to resume its work right after work is completed. posted the news on 13 October 2006. For several years, the sports authorities in Kyiv have tried to return the sports building to the athletes. A year ago, Rostyslav Karandeiev, head of the Main Department of Sports of the Kyiv City Administration (KCA), reported that the normal functioning of the track-and-field riding house as an object

Thriving megachurch in Ukraine

KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — Pastor Sunday Adelaja, a Nigerian preacher, understands why some in Ukraine are suspicious of him. He’s black in a nation where racism is blatant, Pentecostal in a country considered the cradle of Russian Orthodoxy, and a foreigner whose lively, conversational preaching style — punctuated by pompom girls and electric keyboards — stands out from the subdued, centuries-old practices of Ukraine’s traditional faiths. But the 39-year-old preacher laughs at critics who suspect black magic, hypnotism, brainwashing and even hallucinogenic drugs explain the hundreds of bopping, clapping white worshippers who fill his converted sports hall every Sunday. By