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Indonesia: cult leader sentenced to prison for religious blasphemy

Lia Eden The court found Lia guilty of religious blasphemy and incitement of hatred among religious adherents by proselytizing her religion – which she named God’s Kingdom of Eden – and delivering her messages to thousands of government institutions, including the Presidential Palace.

She has also called herself the Virgin Mary and her son Ahmad Mukti, Jesus Christ. Her followers have named the religion Salamullah, and declared all religions truthful.

Cult leader Lia Eden charged with blasphemy against Islam

Lia Eden Cult leader Lia Aminuddin, a.k.a. Lia Eden, has refused legal representation, though the Jakarta Police have charged her with blasphemy, Lia’s spokesperson said Monday.

“She said divine revelation had not permitted her to be accompanied by any lawyer,” Lia spokesperson Saor Siagian told reporters at Jakarta Police headquarters, adding Lia would rely on divine support to defend herself.

Court sentences Lia Eden to two years for blasphemy

JAKARTA (Antara): The Central Jakarta Court on Thursday sentenced Lia Aminuddin, or Lia Eden, the leader of the religious sect God’s Kingdom of Eden, to two years in prison for blasphemy. Prosecutors had been seeking a five-year sentence. The panel of judges hearing the case said Lia was guilty of blasphemy for introducing her own version of religious teachings to her followers. Judge Lief Sufijullah, however, said Lia was not guilty of the other charges brought against her, including spreading hatred and disseminating “illegal” beliefs to others. “Anyone can practice his/her own religion, but they cannot blaspheme other religions,” Ridwan

Lia Eden: Jakarta court begins trying religious sect leader

Jakartar (ANTARA News) – The Central Jakarta Court on Wedenesday began hearing the case against Syamsuriati or Lia Eden, leader of the “Holy Throne of the Kingdom of Eden” community who is accused of disturbing public order by spreading a self-styled religion. The hearing, conducted by a panel of judges led by Lief Sufijullah with Ridwan Mansyur and Heru Pramono as members, mainly o listened to the prosecution`s indictment. Lia was accompanied by 50 lawyers, among others from the Jakarta Legal Aid Institute (LBH), the Freedom of Religion Defence Team (TPKB) and the Indonesian Legal Counsel Institute (YLBHI). She was

Eden sect member named suspect

JAKARTA: Police have named a member of the God’s Kingdom of Eden sect a suspect in a religious blasphemy case. Sect leader Lia Aminuddin was arrested earlier in the same case and she will soon stand trial. Central Jakarta Police chief Comr. Bambang Hermanu said Saturday that sect member Abdul Rahman was arrested Thursday and was now in detention. Abdul was previously questioned as a witness in Lia’s case. Police said Abdul believed he was the reincarnation of the Prophet Muhammad. Abdul’s lawyer Saor Siagian from the Religious Freedom Advocacy Team protested his client’s arrest. “The police should have notified

Court date approaches for Lia of Eden sect

JAKARTA: The case against Lia Aminuddin, the leader of sect God’s Kingdom of Eden, will soon be taken to the Jakarta High Court as the case file has been completed, reported Friday. “We will soon take the case to court and are now coordinating with attorneys,” City Police spokesman Sr. Comr. I Ketut Untung Yoga Ana said. Lia, who is facing blasphemy charges, is being treated at Sukanto Police Hospital in Kramat Jati, East Jakarta, for blood pressure problems. She was arrested on Dec. 29.

New cult reaching out via Internet

A new cult calling itself Kerajaan Tuhan (Kingdom of God), which is based in Indonesia, is reaching out to Malaysians via the Internet, the mainstream Chinese papers reported. Led by a 58-year-old single mother, who reportedly has a young son, the reports quoted the sect’s website as saying that its membership was growing and that its followers included politicians. Cult founder Lia Aminuddin claimed that an angel came to her in 1997 and had since trained and tested her to be “the saviour.” She also claimed to be God’s anointed judge to mete out punishment on disbelievers. The former gardener,

Sect leader appoints 50 defense lawyers

JAKARTA: After much lobbying by lawyers and sympathizers, Lia Aminudin, leader of the controversial sect Kingdom of Eden, accepted an offer on Thursday to be represented by 50 lawyers. Lia’s religious teachings have been declared heresy by several Muslim clerics, including Minister of Religious Affairs Maftuh Basyuni. She was charged with causing public unrest and detained by the Jakarta Police on Dec. 29. The head of her new defense team, Saor Siagiaan, said, “Lia has appointed us as her legal defense team. The team consists of 50 lawyers from several law firms, as well as several sympathizers.” According to Saor,

Housewife jailed for ‘visions of Gabriel’

Javanese housewife Lia Aminuddin‘s intimate connection with all things celestial hasn’t helped her get out of the grubby Jakarta police cell where she has been incarcerated for religious deviation. In an unusual display of doctrinaire religious thinking, Indonesian police have detained her on blasphemy charges, alleging she has profaned Islam. The middle-aged self-described “prophet” has claimed she is imbued with the spirit of the archangel Gabriel – who is a heavenly messenger in Islam and Christianity – as well as being Mary the mother of Jesus, with a son Jesus who was born again in Jakarta about 18 years ago.