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Coral Springs dad charged with abuse claims Bible permits spanking

PORT ST. LUCIE — He struck his 12-year-old daughter with belts because she lied, because her homework was incomplete and because “it is stated in the Bible that it is OK to spank your children,” the father told police. The girl said she was beaten for not reading well enough, for using slang, and for “not accepting Jesus into her heart,” police reported. After the statements, police over the weekend arrested Michael C. Bilodeau, 48, of Coral Springs, on felony charges of aggravated child abuse and neglect of a child. He was released Sunday from the St. Lucie County jail

Group proposes domestic violence court

Change would aid victims, backers say Kiffany Griffin knows the feeling of standing terrified, confused and nervous in a busy courtroom, facing a judge and her abuser. “I remember feeling very intimidated,” said Griffin, a 25-year-old domestic violence victim. It is stories like Griffin’s that have prompted a group of volunteers from the National Council of Jewish Women to recommend — for the second time in a decade — the creation of a separate domestic violence district court that they say would increase offender accountability and produce better care for victims. The volunteers have been monitoring domestic violence cases in

UK Councils fund ‘panic rooms’ for domestic violence victims

Councils all over the country are setting up “panic rooms” in private homes to help women protect themselves from abusive partners, the Guardian has learned. The scheme to create high security rooms for women who have been victims of domestic violence has been adopted by 120 local authorities in England and 165 more are planning to follow suit, John Prescott’s office confirmed. The council installs a solid door with mortice locks, steel hinges, bolts and a spy glass to transform a bedroom into a “sanctuary”. Some women are offered intercom systems and barred windows. They are advised to lock themselves

More Women Than Ever Before Seek Help for Domestic Violence

Record numbers of women in Scotland have reported they are victims of domestic abuse, it emerged yesterday. Figures released by a nationwide helpline showed that the number seeking help during the festive season soared by 21 per cent. A total of 3,589 people contacted the freephone number during the six-week campaign, compared to 2,968 in 2004. Bosses at the Scottish Domestic Abuse Helpline said scores of women who were victims of emotional abuse turned to the helpline for the first time. Liz Kelly, training and support co- ordinator at the helpline, said many picked up the phone after seeing television