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Woman felt God commanded her to cut off arms, doctor says

A woman accused of killing her 10-month-old daughter felt that God was commanding her to cut off the baby’s arms as well as her own arms, legs and head, a state psychiatrist testified Monday. Dena Schlosser saw a TV news story about a boy being mauled by a lion and thought it was a sign of the apocalypse, a delusion that led her to sever the arms of her baby Margaret, Dr. David Self told the jury on the sixth day of Schlosser’s capital murder trial. “She felt she was basically commanded, in essence, to cut Maggie’s arms off and

Counselor: Schlosser feared end of days

Plano: She had hallucinations before killing, official testifies McKINNEY – Dena Schlosser believed that the end of days was coming and that she was following God’s instructions when she used a kitchen knife to kill her 10-month-old daughter, a mental health counselor testified Thursday. On the fourth day of Ms. Schlosser’s capital murder trial, a counselor detailed religious thoughts and hallucinations that Ms. Schlosser described once she was taken into custody: streets of blood, a little boy she believed was Jesus, television programs that spoke to her. Ms. Schlosser said she experienced the images while suffering from postpartum psychosis after

Even at public trial, Schlosser is alone

McKINNEY – Looking across the courtroom at Dena Schlosser, I got the feeling that if everybody in the room stood up and walked out of the building – judge and jurors, bailiffs and lawyers – she would just sit, staring blankly, waiting with inert passivity for whatever was going to happen to her next. It might be the heavy-duty anti-psychotic drugs, of course, or it might be the sheer misery of being on public trial after being accused of the unfathomably grotesque crime of butchering her own infant daughter with a kitchen knife. But Ms. Schlosser’s lethargic despair might also

Defense faults husband and church in baby’s death

McKINNEY, Texas — In the weeks after her daughter was born, Dena Schlosser cut her wrists with scissors. Her husband said she once ran away from their apartment, leaving baby Maggie alone. But John Schlosser said he never sought medical help, even when his wife told him she wanted to “give the baby to God” about a week before authorities say she severed the baby’s arms in 2004. Attorneys for Dena Schlosser, who has pleaded not guilty by insanity, have questioned whether her husband could have done more to help her, saying he and the unconventional beliefs of the family’s

Schlosser pastor: Mental problems ’caused by demons’

Plano officer said he nearly quit after seeing dead infant McKINNEY – The minister of a Plano woman accused of killing her daughter by severing her arms at the shoulders testified today that he does not believe in mental illness and that those problems are “caused by demons.” Doyle Davidson, a self-proclaimed apostle and prophet, testified on the third day of the capital murder trial of Dena Schlosser, who is accused of killing her 10-month-old baby girl by cutting off her arms. Ms. Schlosser, 37, has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. “I don’t view mental problems … all

Father of slain baby testifies

Editor’s note: This story contains graphic details. McKINNEY – John Schlosser testified Tuesday that he has forgiven his wife since she admitted to him that she killed their youngest daughter by severing her arms at the shoulders. He went to see Dena Schlosser at the Collin County jail four days after their daughter, 10-month-old Maggie Schlosser, died. “I just wanted to be able to go and talk to her,” he said. “I just wanted to go and just forgive her. I knew if I couldn’t forgive her, not being able to would tear me up.” Mr. Schlosser testified for the

Trial in baby’s death focuses on sanity issue

A woman accused of severing her baby’s arms with a kitchen knife slumped forward and stared at her hands as prosecutors played jurors the recording of her emergency dispatch tape. On the tape played Monday during her capital murder trial, Dena Schlosser could be heard calmly answering 911 operator Steve Edwards’ questions. “Exactly what happened?” Edwards asked. “I cut her arms off,” Schlosser replied blankly as the gospel song “He Touched Me” played in the background. “You cut her arms off?” “Uh huh.” Edwards testified that he thought she must be exaggerating the emergency, though he still dispatched police and

Jury: Schlosser not capable of standing trial

McKINNEY – A jury deliberated for about nine minutes this afternoon before determining that a Plano mother accused of cutting off her baby’s arms and killing her is not mentally capable of standing trial. Paperwork committing Dena Schlosser, 36, to Vernon State Hospital for 120 days is expected to be filed Tuesday. Mrs. Schlosser will remain at the hospital until it is determined she is competent to stand trial for killing her 10-month-old daughter in November. During her incarceration, Mrs. Schlosser has heard babies screaming “mommy … mommy” and seen babies’ faces in her jail cell wall, jail psychiatrist Xioyan

Plano mom’s links to church explored

Relatives, pastor differ on what drove woman before her child died Church leader Doyle Davidson says he barely knew Dena Schlosser. But family members say the Plano woman was a fanatic, speaking about him like a star-struck admirer. “All she did was talk about him. ‘Aunt Judy, you got to get on the Internet and see him, listen to him,’ ” Judy Buczyna said. “And he said he didn’t know her. Every word she spoke was about him.” It was that obsession, her faith and postpartum psychosis, family members say, that drove Mrs. Schlosser on Nov. 22, the day her

Baby’s killing draws attention to church

PLANO – About 200 regulars sat in padded folding chairs in the brick church in east Plano, worshipping in jeans, suits, boots and heels. There were no hymnals, but most adults brought their own well-worn Bibles. Their leader, Doyle Davidson, told them that the Water of Life Church has been flung into the spotlight and that God wanted them to seize the moment to spread the word of God. “He is raising me up so the metroplex will know who I am,” Mr. Davidson told his followers Sunday morning. Mr. Davidson says he did not know Dena Schlosser and her