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Pastor preaches of healing at church attended by mother who killed young sons

Monday, April 5, 2004 TYLER, Texas – At the church where Deanna Laney once ministered to youth, sang in the choir and spoke in tongues, worshippers Sunday prayed for her and her family a day after she was acquitted by reason of insanity of bludgeoning two of her young sons to death. Members of the Pentecostal First Assembly of God church turned to their faith to cope with killings, which Laney said God told her to commit. “We’ll probably never know really why it happened,” said Joe Jackson, 69, a former deacon of the church and friend of the Laney

Mom who said she killed on God’s orders acquitted

Jury rules she was insane when she bludgeoned her 3 children (CNN) — A jury acquitted a Texas mother of killing two of her sons and seriously injuring the third after determining she was insane at the time. As the verdicts were read, Deanna Laney’s face quivered, but the 39-year-old shed no tears. Laney would have received an automatic life sentence had she been convicted of capital murder. Instead, she will immediately be taken for evaluation to a maximum security state psychiatric hospital, where she could stay as long as 40 years. Laney admitted bashing her three children in the

Mother on trial for killing sons describes killings

Mother on trial for killing sons describes on tape how she smashed their skulls with rocks Thursday, April 1, 2004 TYLER, Texas – A housewife said the first sign that God wanted her to kill her three boys came Mother’s Day weekend when she saw her 14-month-old playing with a toy spear. Deanna Laney said she resisted at first, but the signs kept coming. The baby came to her with a rock, and later in the day squeezed a frog, and she believed God was suggesting that she should either stab, stone or strangle her children. A sobbing Laney recounted

Laney’s husband: ‘I can’t understand.’

He tells jurors that his wife ‘loved the boys’ TYLER – Keith Laney had only the slightest hint of anguish in his deep East Texas voice but the haunted look of a man living an endless nightmare. Speaking publicly for the first time since two of his sons died and a third was maimed, he told a jury that he wonders every day why the devoted wife he still loves bashed their boys’ heads in with stones last Mother’s Day weekend. “I can’t understand,” he testified in the second day of Deanna Laney‘s capital murder trial. “We didn’t have any

Psychiatrist: Yates knew right from wrong, but Laney did not

The renowned psychiatrist who concluded that Andrea Yates knew her actions were wrong when she drowned her children has testified that an East Texas woman who bludgeoned her children to death with rocks did not know right from wrong at the time. Dr. Park Dietz, hired by the prosecution, testified Tuesday that Deanna Laney had a severe mental disease that caused a psychotic episode last Mother’s Day weekend in which she believed God was ordering her to kill her children. Dietz said Laney didn’t realize her actions were wrong, which means she was legally insane under Texas law. Laney, a

Lawyer in case of slain children may use defense similar to Yates

Associated Press, May 13, 2003 TYLER, Texas (AP) — The case of a woman accused of bludgeoning to death two of her sons and seriously injuring a third bears striking similarities to the case of Andrea Yates and could produce a similar defense, the woman’s lawyer said. Yates, of Houston, claimed insanity after drowning her five children in their family’s bathtub in June 2001. Yates called 911 after the drownings and later told police the devil had told her to kill her children. Jurors rejected her plea, convicting her of murder, and she is serving life in prison. Deanna