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Trial highlights clash between parental rights and medical advice

On the last morning of his life, Caleb Tribble giggled as his dad David tickled him. The 4-month-old baby had been sick for a fortnight with what seemed like a tummy bug, but on Friday December 5, 2003, Cathy and David Tribble were pleased to see him smiling again, if a little tired and pale. After a visit from the public health nurse, who weighed and measured Caleb and told his mum to fatten him up as fast as she could, Cathy tucked him into bed for a morning nap. Caleb put his thumb in his mouth, closed his eyes,

NZ parents convicted over baby’s death

A religious couple who prayed for their mortally ill baby rather than take him to a hospital have been found not guilty of manslaughter in New Zealand. The parents were instead convicted of endangering the life of their four-month-old son by failing to get medical treatment for him. A High Court jury in the northern city of Whangarei deliberated for nearly 12 hours before convicting a tearful David and Catherine Tribble of the lesser charge. Their son Caleb, one of eight children, died in December 2003 of septicaemia from a urinary infection. Two weeks before he died, Caleb picked up

Dead baby’s parents charged

A Northland couple whose sick baby died in December were arrested this morning and charged with “failing to provide the necessaries of life”. Four-month-old Caleb Nathaniel Tribble died at his rural home near Pakotai, about 60km northwest of Whangarei, in December. It was alleged that his parents, David and Cathy Tribble, had neglected to seek medical help for him. Whangarei police confirmed to NZPA that the couple had been charged following medical and legal opinions. They were to appear in Whangarei District Court this afternoon, and had indicated they would plead not guilty.

Baby’s tragic death ‘god’s will’

The parents of a Northland baby who died from a kidney infection believe their eighth child died as the result of “God’s will”. Four-month-old Caleb Nathaniel Tribble died on Friday afternoon, only hours after a district health nurse had visited his rural home, near Pakotai, about 60km north-west of Whangarei. Police are investigating the circumstances of his death. Initial post-mortem examination results showed he died from a kidney infection. Caleb’s mother, Catherine Tribble said yesterday he was “a beautiful happy boy”. “He was the most perfect gift God can give. I don’t have any regrets. I do my best. I’m

Police probe death of ‘healed’ baby

Police are investigating the death of a baby whose family had tried to heal him with prayer. Four-month-old Caleb Nathaniel Tribble died last Friday, two days after a Northland district health nurse advised his parents to take him to a doctor. Police have confirmed they are investigating but will not discuss the case. No charges have been laid. The baby’s father, David Tribble, said the family had strong Baptist beliefs and believed in the healing power of God, but were not part of any extremist sect or cult. He said his father, John, had been trying to heal the baby