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Dahn Hak: Rewarding Yoga Or A Korean Cult?

Investigation Uncovers A Lot More Than Healing And Peace (CBS) NEW YORK — Tonight an Investigation into a Korean organization with dozens of yoga centers in the New York area. The group promises healing and peace. But some say it’s a high priced, dangerous cult. Reporter Joe Bergantino from our sister station WBZ in Boston investigates what this group is all about and what you should know before you sign up. “I can’t believe she’s gone.” Veronica Siverls Dunham is talking about her sister Julia, a 41-year-old professor who taught at Queensborough Community College. Her mission was to become a

I-Team Investigates Yoga Group Some Call A Cult

(CBS4) BOSTON The CBS4 I-Team investigates a group with hundreds of local members that promises healing and peace through yoga. The problem: some say the group is a high priced, dangerous cult. I-Team reporter Joe Bergantino investigates what this group is all about, and what you should know before you sign up. Veronica Siverls Dunham: “I can’t believe she’s gone.” Veronica Siverls Dunham is talking about her sister Julia, a 41 year-old college professor whose mission was to become a master of Dahn Hak, a group that says it teaches yoga and holistic health at 147 centers around the country,

Dahnhak sued after member dies trying to master art

Julia Siverls was hiking up Casner Mountain in the Arizona desert, hauling a backpack full of rocks and taking only occasional sips of water. The rocks, she was told, represented loved ones and a vision for the future, and she was ordered to never put them down, a companion said. Several hours into the daylong, 20-mile trek, she collapsed under the scorching sun. “She began to give up and we begged, pleaded and yelled for her to keep moving,” Robert Rueb, one of four people with her, told police last month. “We had to keep moving.” But the 41-year-old college

How yoga class got personal

Ben Lucal of Brookline, Mass., joined Dahnhak in December after finding a flier on his doorstep advertising yoga. He started attending classes daily, but said he was pressured to get more involved. “The masters would regularly take me aside and ask me personal questions and see if they could get me to sign up for more stuff,” the 21-year-old said. “They’d really try to frame it as things in my life needed to be solved by doing their practices. Everyone seemed really nice. They talked a lot about trusting.” He signed up for a series of workshops, one called “initial

Founder peddles belief in ‘ancient healing’

Dahnhak has grown into a multimillion-dollar enterprise, claiming more than 200,000 members worldwide, including some 50,000 in the United States. The group operates centers in 17 states, including more than a dozen in New York, along with a spa and holistic center in Closter, N.J., and a 160-acre retreat in Arizona. Grand Master Seung Heun Lee also has several properties of his own, including one where his wife lives in Alpine, N.J., and another custom-designed 5,000- to 6,000-square-foot home completed last year in Sedona, Ariz. While Lee’s primary residence is in Sedona, he travels extensively, giving lectures promoting peace and

Brain sensitising

Generally, I don’t go for the little guys. But when the seventh copy of the Brain Respiration leaflet arrived in the Bad Science mailbag, I knew it was a serious moneyspinner: a multimillion dollar operation, in fact, with four centres in the UK, and headed by spiritual leader Dr Ilchi Lee, who runs international conferences, attended, he claims, by Al Gore. I I don’t know if his doctorate is in neurosciences but he’s certainly made some breakthroughs with his “brain sensitising, brain versatilising, brain cleansing, brain re-wiring, and brain mastering”. Especially since it can “refresh the brain’s energy and help