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Combatants in Cult War Attempt Reconciliation

Peacemaking conference is held near Seattle Seattle — They’re calling it the “Camp David of the cult wars.” Leaders from both factions in the decades-long dispute over danger posed by new religious movements came together over the weekend at a woodsy retreat center on the shores of Puget Sound. There were a few screaming matches, and a bit of the old backbiting and rumormongering, but it was a largely peaceful gathering of defectors, devotees, heartbroken families and assorted cult experts. “We’ve reached the point where we’re no longer throwing bricks,” said J. Gordon Melton, director of the Institute for the

It’s in His Blood

It’s in His Blood; J. Gordon Melton, Author and Minister, Has Long Been Fascinated With . . . Vampires Any day J. Gordon Melton reports for work, California’s off-kilter image is in capable hands. People who know the state well could argue that Melton, a writer and editor for Gale publishing company, isn’t inventing anything. He’s just keeping track of what goes on all around him. Given his interests, that includes new religions, old cults and a fascination with vampires. Why a pumpkin-head Dracula with bat wings would lounge on a stack of library reference books written by Melton is