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Cuban pastor to be evicted; Report reveals sharp rise in religious liberty violations

Mario Alverez Pressure on religious leaders in Cuba has increased significantly over the past year according to a new report by Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW). Comprehensive evidence within the document details a sharp rise in religious liberty violations there.

Independent church leaders from the fast growing Apostolic Movement have been particularly targeted for harassment, detentions and court summons by the Government.

Cuban Pastor’s Wife Receives High Fine For “Disturbing Order”

Cuba A pastor’s wife who lost her baby after a neighbour attacked her on the street, is being fined the equivalent of over two months salary on charges of “disturbing the public order” on that day, Christian trial observers said Friday, August 21.

The attack was the latest in a campaign of harassment against the Rodriguez family, carried out with what Christian Solidarity Worldwide described as “the tacit support of the authorities.”

Singing along in a lively city of the dead

CUBA | In a land of saints and superstitions, la Milagrosa is the reigning queen of miracle workers. By Oakland Ross In the city of the dead, she is the uncontested queen. Her name is Amelia Goyri de Adot, and she is better known to Cubans as la Milagrosa or the Miraculous One. Never mind that she has been dead for more than 100 years. In this tropical land pervaded by saints, spirits and superstitions, a deceased person is by no means a defunct person. Just the opposite, in fact. “It’s not like in Canada and America,” says Leona Anderson,