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Woman who killed boy not criminally responsible: judge

A British Columbia woman on trial for the murder of a 12-year-old autistic boy was found not criminally responsible Friday due to mental disorder.

Both Crown and defence lawyers agreed during the second-degree murder trial of Kimberly Ruth Noyes that she was psychotic when she stabbed John Fulton to death last August in her home in Grand Forks, B.C.

During the trial, the court heard about Noyes’ long history of mental illness and her one-time belief that she should sacrifice her own daughter in order to resurrect her.

Psychiatrist Dr. Honald Vasi testified that Noyes did not recognize that she had bipolar disorder, refused to take medications, and believed she had supernatural powers.

Vasi said Noyes was diagnosed in 2003 with bipolar disorder, a condition that causes manic delusional episodes as well as suicidal depressions.

Noyes believed her dead father was God, that the devil was in her house and that God was coming in a helicopter to take everyone away.

In August 2007, Vasi saw Noyes again. She told him she was pregnant by the Holy Spirit with seven babies.

22 years for stepson’s sadistic scissor attack on strict Christian dad

A ‘sadistic’ stepson who nurtured a hatred of his strict Christian step-father, has been sentenced to 22 years in prison for trying to kill him in a brutal attack in Torquay, UK. The defense lawyer told the court that Simon Dowrick was the son of a ‘leading mason in London’ and had been told that his biological father took part in Satanic rituals.

Arson suspects grew up together in Texas church

Church arson fire Even as authorities closed in, one of the two suspects in a string of east Texas church fires attended a Sunday service and went to a Baptist ministry on his junior college campus for a free meal.

But officials say they found weapons and books detailing atheism and devil worship during a pre-dawn raid at a home where Bourque was arrested Feb. 21.

Street Preachers Killed In United States

Murder A religious liberty group warned Saturday, February 6, that “Anti-Christian hostility is getting increasingly deadly” in the United States after two street preachers were shot and killed by a teenager who apparently opposed their message.

“The increasing demonization of Christians in our culture makes some feel its open season on Christians,” said Gary Cass of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission.

Arson charges dropped against Pastor during trial

Joseph Howard In a dramatic courtroom development, arson charges against Albany minister Dr. Joseph Howard were dismissed, because a key witness was secretly recorded saying he lied.

The minister was accused of hiring two men to burn his church so he could collect insurance money.

But one of those men who was supposed to testify against him, told someone a different story.

Gunman kills pastor, stabs self and wound 2 others during Illinois church

Fred Winters A gunman walked down the aisle of a suburban St. Louis church during Sunday services and shot the pastor to death before stabbing himself and slashing two others as parishioners wrestled him to the ground, authorities said.

The Rev. Fred Winters, said to be in his 40s, died at nearby Anderson Hospital of a gunshot wound to the chest, officials said.

The attacker, whose identity has not been released, was in serious condition at St. Louis University Hospital, where he was being taken into surgery for treatment of self-inflicted stab wounds.

Arson fire badly damages church attended by Sarah Palin

Arson Gov. Sarah Palin’s home church was badly damaged by arson, leading Ms. Palin to apologize if the fire was connected to “undeserved negative attention” the church received during her campaign as the Republican vice-presidential nominee.

Asked if Palin is a member of Wasilla Bible Church, Kroon said it’s just one of the churches she attends. He declined to say how often she attends, or when she last came.

‘Cursed’ woman claims exorcism sex abuse

woman claims exorcism sex abuseTwo men have been charged with more than 220 sex offences at prayer sessions of a western Sydney church.

Police say one of the men had claimed he could speak to angels and remove curses.

The men, aged 61 and 38, are highly regarded members of the Greek Orthodox and Coptic Orthodox communities, police say.