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Welsh Bishop Censures TV Star Noel in Easter Message

A senior Welsh bishop has used his Easter message to attack TV star Noel Edmonds for promoting the new-age cult of ‘Cosmic Ordering‘. The Bishop of St Davids, Carl Cooper, says the idea of a ‘divine room service, a heavenly shopping trolley’, is nonsense. Edmonds says his surprise comeback – his new gameshow Deal or No Deal is a huge hit nearly six years after he left the BBC – followed an incident when he wrote down his wishes on a piece of paper and waited for the cosmos to deliver. Viewers of Deal or No Deal have seen a

Make a wish and pester the cosmos

If you, like so many of us, have a heart’s desire, you may have to wait a fortnight before you get it. In a couple of weeks, a book called The Cosmic Ordering Service arrives in the shops. This is the book made famous by Noel Edmonds’s admission that he used it to get his dearest wishes granted. Of the six wishes he made last March (he wrote them down and put the list under his pillow), four were delivered by October, one being a house in the sun (in the south of France) and another a new challenge (a

Need a lover or a house? Call on the cosmos

The Cosmic Ordering Service is a perfect creed for our age, says Tom Leonard – no commitment but unlimited benefits If, over the next month, a once ubiquitous large pink and yellow-spotted TV character answering to the name of Blobby is declared a national cultural icon and BBC Television Centre disappears in a puff of smoke, don’t worry. It’s just Noel Edmonds getting his last two wishes. The Cosmic Ordering Service, the latest New Age “faith” to win celebrity endorsement, has a straightforward appeal that will be familiar to anyone who has thrown a coin into a pool and paused

Why all Noel’s wishes come true

It is true that the “squiggles” on Noel Edmonds’s hands are mysterious; they look like the kind of thing a teenage girl might do to herself with a Biro because history was too boring. He does remind me, curiously, of a teenage girl; I can imagine him in a history lesson, bored. Those two facts are much more mysterious to me than his squiggles. Top marks, then, to the journalist who unearthed his new age belief in the Cosmic Ordering Service. I would have been much more likely to ask, “Have you been inhabited by the spirit of a teenage

Dear Cosmos, can I have a hit show?

Comeback king Noel Edmonds claims the cosmos gave him his surprise hit TV show. Edmonds, 57, whose broadcasting career had slumped since his BBC heyday, has become a devotee of “cosmic ordering“. Followers of the faith write down a wishlist of life ambitions which the cosmos will then deliver. Edmonds claims four of the six “orders” he has made so far have come true, including landing the job of presenting Channel 4’s Deal Or No Deal. He said: “Given the last few years have been challenging for a variety of reasons, there were certain things I wanted. “So I wrote,