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Judge Orders Site Inspection Of Sex Cult

A San Diego judge has ordered a site inspection of an Escondido commune that some say is home to a sex cult. The order comes as part of a bitter custody battle over a four-year-old boy being raised in the religious sect known as The Family. Formerly called The Children of God, members of The Family live in communes like the one on Calmin Drive in Fallbrook. The group has close ties to two local charities — The Family Care Foundation in Dulzura, and Activated Ministries in Escondido.

[Rick Rodriguez] Family business of abuse and murder

Review of Cutting Edge: Cult Killer, Channel 4 Rick Rodriguez’s voice on his video diary sounded drug and drink damaged. As he geed himself up to a revenge killing for the sexual abuse he suffered as a child, his words rarely improved on the semi-coherent cliches that he could have picked up from social workers. I don’t doubt that the damage was real. But why exactly was he able to live with the abuse as a child and not as an adult? And how likely is it that taking drugs made recovery that much harder? These are questions that last

Jynxt: The family that plays together

They’re the children of a guitar god, but grew up in a religious cult that disapproves of music. Robert Sandall on the strange tale of Jynxt Compared to some of the other houses that members of the band Jynxt have occupied during their short but eventful lives, their present abode — a quiet suburban semi in Finchley, north London — must seem pretty boring. It is hardly as picturesque as the old colonial tea farm in Sri Lanka from which their singer, Talitha “Tally” Spencer, dimly recalls being airlifted by military transport in 1983 after the first Tamil uprising. It

Bizzare lifestyle in the Children of God cult

Most children of rock stars grow up studiously indifferent to their parents’ music, but Nat Spencer remembers in glorious detail the first time he heard his dad, Jeremy Spencer, play guitar for Fleetwood Mac. “I had grown up in religious communes, where pop music was banned,” Nat says. “And then, when I was 17, I found myself on a bus listening to a compilation tape I’d got free with a magazine. I really liked one of the tracks, so I flipped open the box and saw it was by Fleetwood Mac. I thought, so that’s what they sound like.” Following

FBI investigates sex cult

A cult that preaches pedophilia, incest and rape flourishes on the Gold Coast despite international efforts to shut it down. Tuck Thompson reports The FBI is investigating an international cult with strong links to the Gold Coast after a barrage of affidavits from second-generation members who say their lives were ruined by sexual abuse and mind control. The Family, formerly known as The Children of God, claims it has changed, no longer promotes sex between children and adults and has apologised to past victims, but former members warn

Band on the run with rock’n’roll in their blood

Raised in a cult by their rock star dad, Jynxt tell Tim Cooper how they broke free to make music Following in a famous father’s footsteps has always been a tricky path, and never more so than in pop music. A number of offspring have done it with varying degrees of success — Jakob Dylan, Adam Cohen, Jeff Buckley, Hank Williams Jr, Julian Lennon, Kelly Osbourne, Rufus and Martha Wainwright — but it’s hard to escape the parent’s shadow. For the children of the founder of Fleetwood Mac, Jeremy Spencer, that was the least of their problems. On the afternoon

‘The Family’ Religious Sect Has Ties To San Diego

The Dr. Phil show gave an in-depth look at a Christian sex cult with close ties to San Diego. Former members of the Children of God still live here, and still operate two local religious non-profits. We sat down with two former members who appeared on the Dr. Phil show. The Children of God religious sect was born out of the free love Jesus movement of the late 1960’s. It now goes by the name The Family. The group became notorious as a Christian sex cult, when founder David Berg started preaching open sexuality – even among children. Many ex-members

The accidental activist

Born into ‘the Family,’ transfer student Daniel Roselle hopes to find a new community at UC Berkeley BERKELEY – Last spring, Daniel Roselle bought a UC Berkeley baseball cap. Despite teasing from his friends, he superstitiously refused to wear it until he knew he’d been accepted as a transfer student from Santa Monica Junior College. When at last his UC Berkeley welcome packet arrived, “I put on my hat and popped the cork on some champagne I’d saved in the fridge for this moment. I was just so happy,” he recalls. “You have no idea how happy.” Roselle’s journey to