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China bans AltaVista searches

CNET, Sep. 10, 2002,,t269-s2122018,00.html The search engine has been blocked by the Chinese government just days after Google was targeted as a route to unapproved material on the Web The Chinese government has blocked access to search engine AltaVista as part of its campaign to prevent citizens from accessing material deemed unsuitable and a potential threat to the ruling Communist party. The move is the latest to target Web search engines in China in recent months, coming just days after the government blocked access to US-based search engine Google. Meanwhile, Yahoo!’s China-based affiliate agreed in March to voluntarily block

China Blocks Google Search Engine

AP, Sep. 3, 2002 CHRISTOPHER BODEEN BEIJING (AP) – China has blocked access to popular U.S. Internet search engine Google amid government calls to tighten media controls ahead of a major Communist Party congress. Attempts to look at the site through Chinese Internet services on Tuesday were rejected with a notice saying it couldn’t be found. Users and technical consultants who monitor the Chinese Internet said the site has been blocked for several days. “We were notified by our users that access to Google in China had been blocked. We are working with Chinese authorities to resolve the issue,”