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Police question actions of gun-toting Royal Oak minister

ROYAL OAK, Mich. (AP) — The Rev. Mark Byers believes in packing heat, even in the pulpit. He urges congregants to do the same. Police say that’s a bad idea. During one sermon at Calvary Christian Church, Byers says his handgun fell down his pants leg. He said he kicked it under the pulpit and kept preaching. “I believe 100 percent in the Second Amendment,” Byers, of Troy, told The Daily Tribune for a recent story. “I think it is a great privilege to be entrusted with the right to bear arms. I encourage anyone who will listen to get

Pass the Lord and pass the ammunition

Local church under fire for gun policy ROYAL OAK — Packing heat and praising Jesus are cornerstones of an unusual local church where hundreds worship every Sunday by singing, dancing and screaming out messages delivered, they say, by the Lord. Click to learn more… But when Calvary Christian Church members raise their hands to heaven, Bibles aren’t the only thing under their Sunday blazers. Pastor Mark Byers urges the congregation to get concealed weapons permits and carry firearms to church. The pastor also urges his flock to hit the firing range so their shooting skills are up to snuff, and